August Training by the Numbers

I was inspired by Courtney to look at this month’s training by the numbers.  That and I really wanted to show off some of these pics.


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MCM Training: Week 7

I probably shouldn’t have cursed myself last week.  I knew that as soon as I said things were going great they would start to fall apart.  Fall apart is kind of a hyperbolic, but things weren’t going as well this week as they have been.  As always, it was my lovely group of women run friends that helped me keep it together.

Week 7:  4/3 workouts (21.74)

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MCM Training: Week 6

I’m starting to get worried about this training cycle.  Things are going so well that now I find that I’m waiting for everything to start falling apart.  Do other people have really great training cycles like, the whole time and then the race goes well too?  If you’re out there, show yourself gypsy.  I need to know that I’m not crazy.

Anyhoodles. As I’ve alluded to, this week really well.

Week 6:  3/3 (27.2 miles)

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MCM Training: Week 5

Sometimes, OK like every time, when I’m training for a marathon and life gets a little prickly my training goes off the rails.  This past week, however, things were a super hot mess and yet, my training was the one thing that was sustained and sustaining.  This is due completely to my running group.  Without these broads I would have been toast this week.  I used to swear that I could NOT train with other people regularly.  As usual, I was super wrong about that.

mexican anger food

looks about right.

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MCM Training: Week 4

This week, after a pretty rough week last week, I made a bunch of small, attainable goals so that if everything fell apart this week I would not feel like a complete loser.  As it turned out, the week did NOT fall apart AND I hit a lot of my little goals.  Hooray!

Good morning track! #runchat #Summerofrun

A photo posted by Lauren Bailey (@lnrbailey) on

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MCM Training: Week 3

Last week was rough. In every way.  I was emotionally exhausted and physically worn out. Despite the last week of July being less than fantastic, I still had three running workouts that I’m very proud of and cross trained three times — a small victory.  Which I’ll take.

Then Lauren Fleshman commented on my insta and I died of happiness.  Training is over.

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MCM Training: Weeks 1 and 2

And I’m back.  With training updates.  Like an ice bath after a specifically hellacious tempo run, let’s plunk right in and cringe most of the time!

Week One: 3/3 workouts 13 miles total

As a reminder I’m doing a modified run less, run faster plan for this cycle.  And by modified I mean I run the three workouts, complain the whole time, skip most of the cross training and wonder why I don’t feel good on Sundays.  Old habits die hard.

3×1600 in my #rundisney gear in honor of #princesshalf reg today! #runchat

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I did manage to hit all my workouts for the first week.  Including 3×1600 on the treadmill and a way too fast tempo run along the mall with LV.

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Starting a Business is Like Running a Marathon

I wrote this one night when I was bleary from lack of sleep, a hard run on my legs and a long run staring me down.  I miss blogging about running and wanted to fill you in on the other marathon I’ve been prepping for and executing.  Enjoy!

When I started running, and then racing, the marathon became that holy grail of goals to chase.  The thing not many did and few went back to.  After finally getting through my first marathon, I found that, on the other side, there are a whole group of wonderful people that chase even bigger dreams and goals than I could have imagined when I toed the line of my very first 5K in 2006 (in track pants and a long sleeved cotton T shirt.  In Pittsburgh.  In September.).

Since leaping over the wall and joining the marathoning ranks I’ve become accustomed to looking at all the things I do in my life that are worthwhile — relationships, health, work — the way I look at running a marathon.  So, when I co-launched a PR firm in which I am part owner a couple of weeks ago, it did not surprise me in the least that my running friends said something to the effect of “well, you’ve run a few marathons, so this is probably a lot like — if not easier — than that.”  And I had to smile.  Because they, of course, are right.

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Ankle Aftermath

After the Pittsburgh Marathon relay I ran 3 miles to shake out the run.  It was a beautiful, crisp spring morning.  I was so happy.


Later that evening, we drove back to Maryland and in the car something weird happened.  And then everything sort of fell apart.

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Race Recap: The Pittsburgh Marathon Relay

Listen, this was a bit of a fun, beautiful disaster.  Here’s the TL;DR.

  • MB couldn’t run because he has a stress fracture so I ran both of our legs.
  • I got lost on the way to our relay exchanges {I rode the bus but didn’t have to}.
  • I beasted the first leg, then, well.
  • It was hot.
  • I had a ton of fun.

Here’s the extended version.


grab your champers!

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