So, Now What?

If you’ve ever run a marathon you know that euphoric, post-race high/crash that comes within 3 to 4 hours of crossing the finish line.  It’s a time of extreme elation and depressing heart-wrenching sadness.  It’s a time when you should do the following:  eat nachos {nachos are for winners}, give lots of hugs, take a long shower, take a glorious nap.  It’s a time when you should NOT do the following:  make out with strangers, make serious life or investment choices, make bold, sweeping statements about the past present or future of your running.

In the aftermath of the of the Rock N Roll New Orleans marathon, while seated in front of nachos, by myself, talking to MB on the phone, I broke the cardinal rule of post marathon existence:  I made a bold sweeping statement about my past, present or future of running.  {You were probably hoping for some 2003 style discretions, sorry about that}.  I said to MB:

I think I’m going to retire from marathons.


Let’s back up a little bit.

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My Ten Favorite Things About Our Disney Cruise

After we got through the horrifying yet lovely weekend of the marathon we were off on Monday morning for our first every Disney cruise.  Rather than bore you to DEATH with every single minute {which I could, I promise} I’m going to give you the ten highlights from our trip.  tl;dr:  we LOVED THIS VACATION.  We’ve been on a few hundred vacations and this was the best one we’ve ever ever been on.

Without further adieu, my ten favorite things from the Disney Cruise.

10931704_10204784880896274_6695667427630289896_o 1909450_10204784875856148_3678010090588647790_o

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Race Report: Castaway Cay 5K

I’m getting all caught up on my race reports.  I’ll be back soon to explain what in the world I’m doing with my running life soon, proms!

Signging up to go on the Disney Cruise after the marathon weekend was a super good idea.  Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks that because now runDisney offers a challenge, where in if you run during marathon weekend, sign up through rD and then run at Castaway Cay, you get a super special challenge medal.  I knew nothing of this when we booked our trip way way back in August, but whatever.  We still enjoyed our Castaway Cay 5K experience, sans special medals {and 5 AM wake up call thank you very much}


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Race Report: Love the Run You’re With 5K

Yesterday, MB and I headed to Arlington, one of our favorite places on the whole planet, for the Love the Run You’re with 5K, a Pacer’s Running joint.  The 5K was supes exciting for a myriad of reasons — it was Megan’s third 5K and we had a PR to beat, Mandy was there and SHE had a PR to beat, Jaime was there and she’s just awesome and we were having brunch at Liberty Tavern afterward which is always motivation for me to do just about anything.

Also of note, I got to wear my tutu from the Wine and Dine Half marathon and we took a bunch of really boss pictures wherein everyone looked pretty adorable.


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Race Report: Rock N Roll Marathon New Orleans

Listen, this race was so much fun.  Steff literally carried me to the 17th mile of this marathon.  It was hot, it was gorgeous.  It was typical of Rock N Roll events, as in it was over priced and underwhelming.

So, let’s get to it.  Oh and if you to skip all the flim flam, there’s a tl;dr if you scroll all the way down.

I rolled up to New Orleans for the first time ever after fretting over the dumb snow and getting up at 3:45 in the morning.  I tried to take a little nap but I was way too excited to see Steff.  And to eat.  Because of course I was starving.  Since I ran with TnT, I got put in the super nice race hotel.  We had plenty of space for Steff and her friend Jaime, who lives near by,  to stay over before the race.


I took a shower {?} squealed with delight when Steff arrived and I met Jaime and we headed to the expo.

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Thank you!

I’m on my way to New Orleans tomorrow.  And I need to thank each and every one of you for your support to fund cures and treatments for blood cancer.


I’m so honored to run this race on behalf of my outstanding donors — my friends, my family, my friend’s and family’s friends and families.  I can’t wait for the race.  Thank you!!

The Paul Ryan Curse: 19 Miles of Fun

Previously on the Paul Ryan Curse

The Beginning

Day 2

Marathon Morning

On Cheating


Well, now that that unpleasantness is out of the way, I am so happy to get to the best part of the WDW weekend, other than being reunited with Hilary.  As Hilary was making the decision to listen to her body, I was texting with my other running besties letting them know what was going on. I felt especially crappy to tell Mandy we wouldn’t be there for the start.  But I let her know I would be there for her right before mile 8.

When Mandy rolled by, I was ready to get this girl through this marathon.  And have a TON of fun.


let’s go

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On Cheating

Before I tell of the best damn training run in the world, I feel it needs to be said that some people will not like what I did at all.  I’ve heard from a lot of bloggers that have commented on bandits, ghosts and race jumpers.  Cheaters.

Here are the race related incidents that I feel are unequivocally cheating:

  • Running a full race that you don’t pay for — and taking the medal.  People that head to the kinkos, show up at the race with their bootleg bib, run it and then accept the medal at the end.  That’s not OK.   That is not only cheating, that’s stealing.  Those are bandits.
  • Running a full race that you don’t pay for — and winning.  Or setting a world record  That’s really really strange. Like really really strange.
  • Running a race, hopped up on drugs, wining — I’m not OK with this.  But I don’t know too many recreational runners doing it.
  • Lying about your marathon time while running for office.  Weirdo.



Real talk:  some people are going to say what I did after the marathon failure is wrong and I’m OK with that.

After I left Hilary I jumped in at mile 7.75, right after the Grand Floridian.  I met Mandy, with my bib already pinned on, and, as I promised her months ago, I paced her to the finish.  The plan the whole time we slogged through multiple CCT miles together was for her to join Hilary and I for the marathon.  The three of us would get through it together.  So while Hilary wasn’t going to be able to see our dream through that day, I knew that I couldn’t leave Mandy hanging.  As part of the Dopey Challenge she had already run over 20 miles that week.  I thought she would really appreciate having a helping hand through the last 26.2 — or at least part of it.

One key distinction here is that I did not cross the finish line with Mandy.  I peeled off right after the EPCOT geodesic{it’s not a ball or a sphere as MB will tell you repeatedly}.  I didn’t cross the finish line for two reasons:  1. I had come there to cross the finish line with Hilary and Hilary wasn’t there so it wasn’t happening and 2.  I didn’t want to steal any glory from anyone.

Let me be very clear:  I do not think crossing the finish line that day would have been the worst thing and I reserve no judgement for people in my position {bibbed, trained but somehow sidelinned runner} that may have.  It was a personal choice and one that I knew I could live with.  And isn’t that what running is really — making choices, based on your situation, your mindset, your training, sometimes after tons of thought, sometimes on a whim?  It is to me.

I’m ready to hear from you on cheating!


The Paul Ryan Curse: The Marathon Morning

Previously on the Paul Ryan Curse

The Beginning

Day 2


Alternatively titled: well, there’s nothing else I could really call it.

My alarm went off at 2:30 AM and I jumped up to turn it off.  I had laid out my outfit and all my gear the night before so I ate my Nature Valley Almond Bar, took my medicines, and picked up my phone to take a few pictures.  Then this happened:


Hilary, ever the trooper wanted to meet me and see how moving around felt.

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The Paul Ryan Curse: Day 2

Previously on the Paul Ryan Curse

The Beginning


Alternatively titled — the marathon expo and cheering the half marathon

Hilary and I reunited after her multiple hour dinner with Patrick at the California Grill in front of the Grand Floridian.  Matt, Hilary’s husband, also arrived on the scene and we hit the hay.  I was up early to cheer for the half marathon.  Good GOD was it cold.  I felt the pain — albeit shortly — of my friends who had been standing the subartic early morning hours for the last two days.

10914829_10204721902281848_3924253475540021744_o (1)

on the back of my Run Friend poster was Katinka’s poster from MCM.  I used it 90% of the time and people LOVED it.

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