Patellar Dislocation FAQ Volume 1

It has been 4 weeks since I dislocated my patella.  At a wedding.  Dancing to Motown Philly.  It has been 3 weeks since I was diagnosed with this dislocation rather than a tear of any sort.  And it’s been 2 weeks since I started physical therapy.  It’s time for an update!

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Going from 5K to 10K

Recently I had a darling friend ask for advice about making the jump from the 5K to the 10K.   Since it’s 5 extra Ks in the distances here are my 5 best tidbits of advice for anyone who might be ready to take the next, longer race distance on.


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June! Glorious June!

My first thought this morning when my eyes opened was “IT’S JUNE!”  May was a kind of off month for me in all aspects (except friends.  We had a great month with all of our near and far friends and for that we are eternally grateful). So, I’ve been looking forward to starting the new month off fresh and ready to go.  I don’t usually post monthly goals because I don’t set them.  Or if I do set them I forget about them.  But I thought today, Global Running Day, and Day 2 of BABs Summer ’16 was the right day to do it.  And yes, if you were wondering, I coined that hashtag for us courtesy of my best friend, Drake, who just gets me.  Also, playing dirty, not clean.  But I digress.


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Whoa! We’re halfway there!

The last few weeks have been a little nuts.  We moved into our adorable new house, said goodbye to our nephew, I ran my goal half marathon for the year and registered to run the Walt Disney World marathon in 2017 for Team in Training!

I wanted to pop in and give a little update on where I’m at the for the year and where, at almost the halfway point, I think running and I will go!

PGH Half

pretty much my life right now

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Back to back to back

March has been kind of an big up and big down for me in almost all facets.  I started the month coming off of bronchitis that I picked up after Princess.  I’m you, know, still running a business, we’ve dealt with a few blows in my family, I’m sick AGAIN.  And we bought a house.

#transformationtuesday from apartment renting Gaithersburgians to home owning Alexandrians! 😘🏡

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I had been scheming this post since we set our closing date.  In January.

In the midst of everything running has been an unbelievable constant (when I can breathe/don’t have  a fever) and my running people hold the ladder while I climb.  They keep me focused. With that kind of support I was able to knock out not one but two major PRs.


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Race Report: 2016 Princess Half Marathon.

Hi!  Almost a month ago I ran the Princess Half Marathon weekend with my dearest friends Tori, Lauren W and my new sister from another mister, Holley.  As you might have seen, things have been sort of stupid with my family so having fun felt like a rigid muscle movement.  But the girls really helped lift me out of my funk.


We had a blast.  And we ran some races.

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Curse Reversed: The remaining 5 hours of the WDW Marathon

Previously as we reversed the curse:

When we last left off, we had just seen our friends outside of the Grand Floridian.  As I mentioned, we were in the zone for the next 6 miles to get through the kind of yucky part of the course (literally around the water treatment facility) and to my favorite part, Animal Kingdom.  We were there in no time and man was I pumped.

marathon 49

Dottie Bell was not as excited to see us.  We rounded the sidewalks into the park and headed toward Expedition Everest.  We decided to wait the 15 minutes to ride the coaster.  And, well, this happened.  FYI — we might say some naughty words that your uptight boss or your parrot of a child might not need to hear.

TL;DW: Rode the ride, told Mandy that if I dropped my phone on the ride we would tell MB teenagers stole it, Hilary loved it.

After we got off the coaster we grabbed a diet coke and we we were off.

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Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training: Weeks 1, 2 and 3 so far

Friends, I can’t believe that I’m almost a month into training for my major half marathon PR.  I can’t believe it mostly because I’ve done not nearly enough training to, you know, have a major half marathon PR.

I’m using the Run Less, Run Faster method this cycle again.  It worked so well for MCM so obviously I  was excited to put it together for the half marathon.  So excited, I literally put it together in December.  I’m running, auspiciously, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Tuesday is track, Thursday is tempo and Saturday is the long run.  I think the most enticing thing about this cycle is my first two long runs were SINGLE DIGITS.  SINGLE DIGITS.  Why don’t I run more half marathons?

OK, so the training has felt a little lackluster, but in retrospect, it looks like it’s going OK.  I really need to get back to my journal so I can reflect on this more than once every threeish weeks.  Anyhoodles.

My first workout was on the track — 12×400 — the Tuesday after we got back from the WDW Marathon, soooo.  No thanks.  I opted to do the tempo run on Thursday and it went just fine.  Albeit a little stiff after 26.2 miles.  I will say that all the barre I’ve been doing really helped me stay loose after the marathon.

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Curse Reversed: The first 5 hours of the WDW Marathon

After a lovely Saturday of half marathon goodness, we hit the studios where I was finally united with my homegirl, Jillian, we did some side planks and just generally had a great time.

marathon 1

guys my hair looked awesome that day. thank you Katinka

I had picked up the migraine that we were passing along to one another so after Patrick’s birthday dinner I tried to put myself to bed to sleep it off.  Needless to say, it was really challenging to sleep knowing that I had to get up at 2:15 but I managed to get a few winks in and it was go time! Continue reading

Race Report: Fairfax Four Miler 2015

This was my third year running the Fairfax Four Miler and after last year’s tiny bit of a fiasco with the race prep — the crowded check in, not having enough sweat shirts for day-of packet pick up — I’m happy to report that this year was way more smooth.


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