The Happiest Place on Earth

As my bio says, I obsessed with Disney.  The obsession started in 2010 with my first visit to Walt Disney World (herein forever WDW) with my fancy new husband.  Fast forward to that following October when I got hooked on runDisney with the Inaugural Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend.  Since then, I’ve visited WDW 5 times, 2 times to run, and have plans to go back in October, November and January.

My love of Disney never extended all the way across the country to Disney Land (DL forever and ever), even when we lived bi-coastal in 2010 and 2011, we could never figure out how to make it work.  Then, when the Dumbo Dare was announced during my own 30/30 challenge, I knew that 2013 would be the year of the DL.  And then the challenge sold out in an hour when I was in a meeting.

All the pouts.

My Twitter friends mentioned that I really needed to get me to the DL for the half marathon at LEAST and when I repouted about it being sold out they introduced me to my new BFFs from Get Travel who hooked a girl — and her entire Team Princess 1983 — up with DL half registrations, pins, 1 day park passes and you know general awesomeness.

The race, which you can read about back at 30. Run 30 was of course the  DL itself took me completely by surprise and has officially eeked its way to the top of my fav Disney experiences to date.

Here’s what I love about DL:

The History

As a complete Disney nerd it was so amazing and slightly surreal to be in the place that Walt built.  Yeah sure, WDW was his utlimate dream but my homeboy lived and worked in that space. Plus it has so many original rides and attractions I just couldn’t get enough.

Imageoriginal Pirates of the Caribbean much?


Team Princess 1983 to try the Matterhorn Bobsleds

The Accessibility of the Parks

We stayed at a Good Neighbor hotel and could walk to both DL parks in under a mile.  We could also walk between the DL resort hotels, the Downtown Disney area and the California Adventure and DL.  This was great for our band of very tired, very hot, very sun weary travelers.  Not having to deal with the buses between parks and resort areas was an amazing plus.


Less travel = more fun!

Characters everywhere!

Since I’ve been to WDW 1 million times I know where to look for and spot characters but at DL, I didn’t need to know the good spots — the good spots were everywhere!  And they were great characters with often short to NO LINES.


I mean, come on.

The food!

Per Disney’s usual amazing standards the food was delicious.  I even had my first ever Dole Whip.  Trust me — it def tasted better on the west coast.


Two medals + Dole Whip = amazing

I think my ultimate favorite thing is that DL is special because it’s so far away and I can’t get to it all the time — like seeing a far away friend or relative — it’s just that much more special when you are there.


All the yays!

Have you ever been to DL?  Do you like one park over the other?  Why?

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