October Wrap: Mostly Miles, All Fun

October has been amazing.  While I find myself grumpy these days and in a total training slump, looking back on such a stellar month reminds me that life is good — no amazing — and there was so much fun and so many miles had!  Let’s get to it!

October 5:  Tower of Terror Ten Miler!


Best time ever!  You can read my full download of the race here!

October 13:  Welcome home, Kanga

Our dog, Kanga, has been on extended vaca at my Mom and Dad’s house since MB first moved to CA in 2010.  He came back full time this month and although we had a few false starts we are settling in awesomely.  I love our little family!


October 14:  Happy Birthday, MB!


My favorite day of the year!  That face he’s making is because he freaking loved his birthday drink enjoyed at the newly re-imagined California Grill!  I’m so glad we got to go during the ToT weekend — we were there for HalloWishes which made MB’s night.  He asked me after the fireworks if we could move to Disney World.  Yes, yes we can!

October 19:  Lindsay in real life (and Happy Birthday, Dad!)


I have two work BFFs and one of them is remote.  Getting to spend all weekend with her at FNCE (whew!  What a trip!) was awesome. Double bonus — she and her husband came for a visit this past week and we got to hang out.  AGAIN!

October 26:  Pumpkin and apple picking with Sarah

My OTHER work BFF Sarah arranged for MB, she and I to go pumpkin and apple picking in WV.  It was a beautiful day and our jack o lantern is tops!


Happening now!:  My BFFFFF and her awesome family are back from RUSSIA and using our hood as a home base while they get resettled in the good old U.S. of A.


Let’s not talk about how this picture was taken 2 years ago and I no longer have awesome bangs.  Thankfully I have my bestie back!!


I had a great race at the beginning of the month and then had to miss three races (!!) because of work.  No matter, I hit the treadmill on the road.


As you can see I’m not setting any monthly records but I’m pretty excited to be back to pretty consistent training.  Next month I’m gearing up for my, maybe most exciting running thing I did this month:  the Montgomery County Road Runner’s Club hosts a winter marathon training program which starts in December.  I’m targeting the Big Sur Marathon and I could not be more excited to have a group to train with!


October has been a trying month but as I said it’s  been augmented with such wonderful happenings — and so many wonderful miles — that it makes me really excited for November.

How was your month?

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