2014 Race Projection

‘Tis the season, to deck the halls, participate in forced office merriment and obsessively start planning your 2014 race schedule.  Since this year has been WAY HEAVY on the races I thought I would take it easy this year and only shoot for 5 races, most of them local.  Then race registrations opened and here’s what we’ve got on the horizon.

January 11, 2014

Walt Disney World Half Marathon, WDW, FL — natch



What better way to kick off the 2014 race season than with a half marathon with runDisney?  I’ve wanted to run this even since last year and here we are.  MB and I are going to have a great little weekend retreat fit with Victoria & Albert’s reservations, lunch at San Angel Inn, marathon ChEAR Squadding and a stay at the Grand Floridian.  Oh and 13.1.

February 14, 2014

Hot Chocolate 15K, Nashville

When Team Princess 1983 emails you about a race, you immediately commit without thinking about price, schedule, work or family.  That’s just how it goes.  Also, I’ve always wanted to run one of these races in the series.  It will be mid-cycle for the spring but I would literally do anything to run with these gals.  Always.

April 27, 2014

Big Sur International Marathon, Big Sur, CA



Since I started racing, I’ve been eying the big races.  Big Sur seemed so attainable yet still challenging.  When I registered I didn’t think I’d get in {it sells out within hours of opening} and lo — in I am!  I’m taking training super seriously for this one.  I have big goals for marathoning from here on and out I’m going to hit it hard to start off on the right foot.

May 4, 2014

Pittsburgh Marathon, Pittsburgh, PA

Anyone good at math or calendars will notice that I’m running Pittsburgh 7 days after running Big Sur.  This was completely on purpose.  When Pittsburgh was offering free registration for participants to raise money for a charity, and TnT was on the list  — I was in.  My marathon goals for this are going to be WILDLY different than they will be in CA.  Suffice to say that raise a shit ton of money to stop cancer and finish are at the top of the list.

October 2014

Tower of Terror Ten Miler Weekend, WDW, FL

My family and I look forward to this one every year — I’m obviously going and obviously going to have the best time ever:  10 miles, a fun 5K and Mara is even going to join me.  What more could I ask for?

As part of my local running club, I’m sure I’ll hit a smattering of low and mid distances this year but these are my big targets.  And I am so excited!

Have you planned out your road time for 2014?  Where are you off to?

4 thoughts on “2014 Race Projection

  1. Jenn says:

    Omg, I’m so impressed with the Big Sur race, you rock! I’ll be doing the Pittsburgh half again, so I’ll see you there!

    • lnrbailey says:

      Can’t wait! I miss and love you so much! I’m also so proud of all your running! You’re going to be ready for a marathon soon!!

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