Spring Marathon Training: Week 1

When I signed up for my the MCRRC Flakes to Flowers Marathon training program, I had high hopes to hit all the training runs and be the best marathoner I could be.  The training in this cycle is really aggressive {for me, a runner that usually sticks to the Galloway training plans from runDisney} with 5 run week and two days of optional cross training or rest.  And high mileage.  We came out the gate with a 30 mile week.  I quickly realized that i needed to modify the training plan so that I don’t get fired from my job, my marriage and didn’t pass out from exhaustion.  Modification is also in order for this runner because the training plan targets a race in mid March race whereas my target race is at the end of April.

With all that modification in place, my first week went really really well.


As you can see not exactly the 30 miles prescribed but I’m really happy with the quality of the runs.  This week I’m simply focused on hitting the mid-week runs and staying healthy, warm and sane.

One of the most exciting parts of my new training cycle are the New Balance 890v4!

NBgorge, right?  source


I was chatting with my Twitter friend, Amanda, who is also running Big Sur, and remarked that I needed some new shoes to start the cycle.  New Balance contacted me and asked if I would like to take the 890v4s out for a spin to which I replied DUH!  I received the Pink and Blue 890v4s in the  mail a few days later and I am literally in LOVE with these shoes.  They are by far one of the cushiest minimal-ish shoe I’ve ever run in. They have the lightness that I love about by other minimal shoes with the cushioning of my cross trainers.  I’m still breaking them in for long runs {my 5 miler last week resulted in some pretty rough blisters which has everything to do with my feet and nothing to do with the shoe} but they are awesome for my treadmill and track work outs.  Plus they are gorgeous.  Which doesn’t hurt at all.

How is your training going?  And what shoes are you obsessed with right now?

Thanks for the shoes, New Balance!  They didn’t pay me for this post they just hit me with some awesome shoes.  All opinions are always mine.  Especially the ones about shoes.  And burritos. 



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