Marathon Training Weeks 2&3

I have good news and I have bad news.  But first, the runs!

Week 2:  18 miles

This week was my first track work out with  my pace team.  It was a such a great workout that I’m going to try to get to more tracks in outside of our Wednesday workout.  Friday’s 7 miles were spent on the ‘mill watching Pitch Perfect {win} and Sunday’s run was my 29th race of the year.  The mileage was still low but I felt like they were all quality miles.


Week 3:  4 miles



As you can see I busted out with a 4 miler to celebrate AKP’s birthday.  Which was miraculous given that I had already worked almost  50 hours that week had a lot more hours in front of me AND pulled my neck and back and threw out my shoulder.

The bad news is I only ran 4 of my scheduled 30 {!!} miles last week.

The good news is two fold:  I’m back, feeling great, work has calmed down and I’m running a ton this week.  The even BETTER news is that the plan I’m on with my running group is targeting a race that it’s early March — I have an almost 5 week buffer in this training plan before I start training in earnest.  And that is amazing.

Did I already say that this week is going SO MUCH BETTER?

How is your training going?  Especially with the holidays?!

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