2013: By the Numbers and In Photos

Y’all.  2013 was a bang up year for me.  This is the first year in all my years of writing about myself on the internet that I’ve ever done a yearly wrap up.  As it turns out, turning 30 and hitting your stride really amplifies the need to tell everyone about it.

Without any further blathering:  LNRB’s Epic 2013:  By the Numbers and In Photos

30 — Races Run {almost}

Uhh, pretty self explanatory

5 — Trips to a Disney Resort

This year truly cemented my Disney mania.  A lot of people roll their eyes and chalk my love of the the Happiest Places on Earth up to my adoration of all things sparkly and childish.  While this is a fair assessment of my personal beliefs, Disney is also so much more than that to me:  it’s family, it’s unparalleled service, it’s good food, world class entertainment, and it’s a place where I can go with anyone — old friends, new friends, best friends, Big Paul — and feel excited and happy — my two favorite things.


2 — Countries visited

Italy, was by far, one of the most memorable trips of my life.  Taken with a friend {sorry, MB} I was able to enjoy some serious touring, shopping and eating.  All the good things in this life.

Mexico, with my love, was as always a pure delight.  Add in those awesome Rutherfords and that is a recipe for Thanksgiving success!



8 — states visited

There were husbands in training, races to run, birthdays to celebrate, babies to squeeze and work to be done.  The best part — I have status on US Airways {which promptly merged with American.  Sigh}


1 — super awesome baby born

I knew I was going to be super into my niece {most everything my brother and his wife do are awesome} but tiny baby A is literally the #1 source of joy in my life {tie with MB and running}.  I literally cannot wait to see her every time we’re at home and it pains me to have to give her back.  I want to do everything for her and with her.  I’m so into her.



I hope you had a great year, filled with fun, adventure, friends and love.  2014 is going to be awesome.

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