2014 Goals and Resolutions

On my Christmas Day run, I was thinking about how awesome 2013 was:  so many fun trips, races, celebrations, babies — the list is almost endless and I started to feel sad.  How am I going to top 2013 — the year of LNRB?

Well — by setting awesome goals and making bad ass resolutions for 2014, that’s how!

I used to be the type of gal that was bratty about New Year resolutions.  I feel like I resolve everyday to be the best me.  Then I read that people that regularly set goals and resolutions are more successful and more personally satisfied.  This makes immense sense given the supreme satisfaction {bordering on smugness} I have from meeting some of my big goals this year.  That’s why I decided to make a list and check it twice {or monthly} to establish the small, measurable milestones to help me reach my goals and stick to my resolutions.

General LNRB things

  1. Stay home more:  I love to travel.  As evidenced by my status on a major airline, the time spent by our dog on Kangacation and the general understanding that when I say racecation I actually mean Disney World.  While travel is one of the things that MB and I L-O-V-E about our life, with anything, if you do too much of it, it’s not fun anymore.  So this year, we’re going to stay home more to recharge our batteries and spend some 1-1 time together as much as possible.  This will also allow us to achieve pretty much every general goal below this one.
  2. Eat at home:  MB and I eat out nearly every single night of the week.  This is mostly because we both travel so far for our jobs and we are exhausted and starving by the time we get home.  To combat this — and force us to be home more — we’re going to establish a weekend day for cooking and finding recipes for just 2-3 small servings that are easy to whip up on a week night.  {WE HATE LEFTOVERS}.
  3. Save. Save. Save. Save. Save. Save:  This has been our best year saving {read:  the first year we’ve really saved anything beyond retirement}.  And it’s a goal of mine to increase our savings six times over in 2014.  Which is {shamefully} doable with no change in our incomes — just our spending 🙂  The biggest thing, beyond our peace of mind, that I’m saving for is a big huge trip in 2015.  Hence the recharging of our travel batteries.

Running Things

  1. Find a training plan I like and stick to it:  When I embark on a training cycle, I always come armed to the teeth with no less than three different plans for that distance, two notebooks that I won’t record a single mile in and the hope that sometime sticks. This year I want to find one way to plan and then track my miles so that I can look at my miles, training and other activities to see what goes wrong and what goes right.
  2. CROSS TRAIN.  This is it.  I say it every year but 2014 is the year {with the help of #1 running thing} I will find stick to my fav cross training activities and maybe find a new one.


  1. Marathon and Half Marathon PRs {Under 5:45 and 2:30 respectively}
  2. 25 good push ups by June 1
  3. Save enough for the new car purchase!
  4. 2 weekends at home per month

I’m so excited about 2014.  I feel like it’s going to be a fantastic year!

What are your resolutions and goals?

Day 1 contest! What mantra will fuel your goal chasing in 2014? RT & answer to be in the running:

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