Five Things Friday

ZOMG!  There is so much to get up to speed on:  marathon training, goals, all of it.  But first — a round up of all the gloriousness of this week!

But first, a picture of the best baby in the universe with her amazing mama.


photo courtesy of Jaqueline Moss


  1. The Walt Disney World Marathon weekend starts on WEDNESDAY.  As you may have heard, unlike most of the major race weekends, this runDisney extravaganza {with 4 RACES!!} will go on without a meet up.  No official word from runDisney, but one of their trusted bloggers had the scoop!
  2. I’ve long wondered why my homegirl, JLaw, goes around calling herself fat.  Sweetheart, GET A MIRROR.  Another blogger was better at articulating this and other points.
  3. This is like 2 weeks late but Princess Kate and William held hands on the way to Christmas day church.  Winning.  Also GFY is amazing.
  4. As mentioned, runDisney is putting on a show this week, and while I’m pumped about the half, I’m most excited about post race reward — The Kitchen Sink.  Read on.
  5. Great things happen when you go to your bestie’s birthday party, leave a Food Network mag and she thankfully has an amazing blog.

Happy Weekend 🙂



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