Meal Prep for Better Running

Yo — I’m about my resolutions and goals this year.  So much so that we stayed home this weekend (!!) and I went to the grocery store AND then we made all our meals for the next two weeks.

I know this is pretty much what every normal human adult in America does, but please indulge me.  I’m so proud of myself.  And MB — he was such a huge help — even if he was sick.


As you can see we made

  • Shredded chicken tacos {still in the crock pot!} Recipe here.
  • Turkey burgers and potato soup {pre-made from Janny}
  • Baked enchilada casserole.  Recipe here.
  • Shrimp, chicken and veggie stir fry
  • Baked spaghetti.  Recipe here.
  • Pizza {not pictured on the list, it was a game day decision — as I forgot that I bought pizza fixings when I made the list}

As you may notice these dishes all have some lean animal protein in them.  After consulting my registered dietitian — AKA my work bestie — I’ve decided for this training cycle to have more lean protein sources.  Mostly because my current diet has left me feeling sluggish — especially post run, which is no bueno.  I’m going to still avoid meat as much as possible, especially when we eat out, and I’ll only source meat that is sustainable, organic, all that jazz.  I haven’t actually EATEN any meat yet, so I’ll let you know.

I’m especially excited that this new approach to dinner will free up more time for post work workouts and ease some of the “what the f do we have to eat in this house” that often leads to eating Baja Fresh on the couch.  Also, this is going to save money and encourage me at least to want to stay home on the weekend.

And, MB and I had so much fun together.


Ahh, the pictures yet to be hung in the dining room and MOUNTAIN of dishes.  Win.

Do you meal prep?  Any recipes you suggest {with just a few servings — we Baileys hate us leftovers!}

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