Marathon Training Weeks 3&4

Geesh.  Can we just talk about how much I didn’t feel like running, putting a new transmission in the car, getting the flu or MB getting sick?  Rough couple of weeks.  It’s so funny that my running weeks directly reflect how good or bad the rest of my life is going.

Without further adieu:

Week 3:  13 Miles


I actually had a great run Christmas day {mislabeled as the day after Christmas — whoops} and the day after Christmas.  The 7 miler was actually so cathartic.  Then on 12/28 I went for the hilliest crappiest run I’ve had in a really long time.  At least it happened.

Week 4


it’s both — I don’t know what happened with Daily Mile!

16 miles

Luckily, I finally settled on the training plan I want to use and found a training journal I really like using.  What I found from all the counting and planning is that I actually have a few weeks to toy with since I’m targeting the end of April.  This was an awesome revelation so I don’t feel like pulling my hair out at not getting my mileage in.  According the to plan, I’m right on track {phew!!}

Here’s to a better week this week!  How is your spring training going?

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