So, Wait. Why Do We Hate the Treadmill?

Friends.  Let’s have some real talk.  We know it’s been cold.  Like Polar Vortex cold.  So, many of us had to take to take our training indoors.  To the treadmill.


see, I too run on the treadmill!

As a new runner, I used to hate the treadmill.  Like, so much so that I wrote a whole post about the ‘mill.  I called it the dreadmill.  But wonder oh wonders — I finished my training and I banged out my first half marathon.  Ever.

Then,  you know I stated making Twitter friends, got more serious about running — you sort of know how the story goes.  One of the things I love love love about my new found online community is how POSITIVE they are.  Like pick me out of a funk, help me get to the gym, get me through the tough races positive.  Also — positive like don’t talk mean to each other about racing and running on the internet.  We support each other, lift each other up and self-police our community.  And we don’t talk negatively about each other or our sport.

Except about the treadmill.

It really surprises me every time I read the Tweet calling it a dreadmill or read the weekly recap posts about how we HAD to be indoors to run and it was the WORST THING EVER IN THE WORLD.

Listen, I’m not ever going to pretend that treadmill running is easy.  Or fun. Or that I don’t occasionally grumble about having to treadmill run.   But one of my favorite running mantras is, of course,

I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy – I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

And you know what — most of those negative things I see or say about the ‘mill are usually followed up with BIG numbers — 10 miles, 6 mile repeats, 20 MILERS!  Y’all we are literally killing it on the treamill.  I RARELY see tweets about how much we all loathe the hilly courses, or the tricky trails.  But the ‘mill gets hated on every time.

What’s my point.  The point is that the ‘mill is rough.  And that we all have hard a really hard treadmill workout, trust.  But, we need to stop hating it on it publicly.  New runners are looking to us.  And if they see us hating on the ‘mill maybe they’ll get too discouraged, or think they’re doing it wrong if they don’t hate it.  Or maybe they do super hate it and we need to be able to tell them it’s worth it.  And mean it.    Let’s take our positive attitudes about EVERYTHING ELSE and apply it to the treadmill.

Because honestly, there are worse things.  Like sold out races. Or not running at all.

What’s your relationship like with the ‘mill?

2 thoughts on “So, Wait. Why Do We Hate the Treadmill?

  1. Steffany R. says:

    I love me some treadmill! I have no problem busting out a double digit run. I’m a wimp who cannot handle the cold. I do most of my winter training inside!

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