Five Things Friday

Friends — as you read this MB and I are de-planing {hopefully!} and are going to head to The Grand Floridian.  Then it’s off to the Walt Disney World Marathon expo and the pool. All in prep for the half marathon on Saturday morning, then Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios! Wake up time is 3:30 AM so let’s get down to it!



  2. Please tell me you saw these ADORABLE shoe ornaments for your big race:  Shwings!! They’re not on the website for purchase yet but I think they’ll be up soon!
  3. Little known fact, I blog for my dear friends at Sanderson Images.  The wedding of a dear friend of ours — that I was day of coordinator at this May! — went up this week.  Enjoy!
  4. My home girl, Sara of Embrace My Space, had a cute baby, is taking her blog to prime time AND had time to DIY this perfect home command center.  Be jealous.  Or make your own.  Better yet, pay Sara to make one for you!
  5. My bestie, Hilary, forwarded the 18 Things Women Shouldn’t Have to Justify to Team Princess 1983 the other night and I just adore it.

For regular updates on the Marathon Weekend follow me on Twitter and Instagram!!  Have a great weekend!

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