Walt Disney World Half Marathon: The Expo

Previously:  WDW Half Day 1

MB and I headed over to the expo with the hope that we wouldn’t be mobbed, as all reports indicated that as the thousands of runners descended onto the ESPN Wide World of Sports there were a lot of lines and general chicanery.  When we arrived we were so happy to see that it was not in fact out of control.  Immediately, we went get in line for the New Balance runDisney shoes.  I was so happy that the line was non existent and I could get sign up for my fitting right away.  They also had my size in both styles of shoes.  The nice New Balance man told me I’d have a 3 hour wait.  So, off we went.

photo 2

runDisney makes full use of the ESPN Wide World of Sports and all of its buildings.  I picked up my race packet on the top floor of the expo center and then headed onto the lower floor to check out all the vendors.  MB got a sweet runDisney hat {since of course, he had failed to pack his own hat} and I wanted to check out the runDisney booth.  Lo — who was at the booth but Jeff MotherFreaking Galloway.  I was SO EXCITED to meet him.  I blathered on about how much I love his training programs and him and unicorns, etc.  It was so obnoxious.  He was so gracious and gave me an advice sheet about recovery.  Amazing.


As I was waiting in line to meet Jeff Galloway, I noticed sweet MB ogling the runDisney medals.  This is very important for a key finding that I’ll address later in the week.


He loved Expedition Everest medal — a compass!

After all the JG excitement, I was ready to go.  MB and I were both exhausted from our super early wake up call — and MB had been unbelievably sick all week and was still feeling a little gross.  So we tucked ourselves in for an afternoon nap.


It was a marvelous start to our day.  I love love expos and it was so relaxed and easy to manage.  What was your experience at the WDW Marathon weekend expo?

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