Walt Disney World Half Marathon: Princess Shoes


Walt Disney World Half Marathon Day 1

Walt Disney World Half Marathon The Expo

Y’all.  All I wanted, at this race, other than a PR, was a chance to try on the newest runDisney New Balance Shoes.  And you know, maybe buy a pair.  For those of you that are not obsessed with runDisney and may not know — New Balance and runDisney partnered up and created some shoes that look like Mickey Mouse in 2013.  Pretty much the best thing ever.  They updated their designs for the Dopey Challenge weekend and had a bunch of new designs in different models.

So, when we put my name in at 1:40 we were  told that I would get called in 3 hours to be fitted for my shoes.  I knew that we would not be at the expo at 4:40 so I thought “eh, if they call me before the expo ends at 7 then I’ll go, and if they don’t it’s fine.”

In the meantime, after our lunch, coach Jeff came over to the Grand to see the new Villas for Disney Vacation Club members.  While we were enjoying the lobby, I got THE TEXT!  It was my turn for shoes!!  I hugged Jeff and his wife Patti goodbye and jumped back on the expo bus!

Once I got back to the ESPN WWoS, I high tailed it to the New Balance fitting area.  You guys, I was so excited {and so interested in getting back to the hotel to eat dinner with MB} about actually getting the shoes that I completely failed on taking pics of the adorable New Balance set up or even all of the shoe offerings {2 for dudes, 2 for gals and 2 for KIDS!! MB really wanted the kid’s car shoes.  They were not offered in his size}.  I’m super sorry!  Trust me they were awesome.

My New Balance friend got me both New Balance shoes in my size.   The Minnie is the New Balance 890v6. I loved the way these shoes looked before I tried them on but once I was wearing them, they seemed a little bulky for me.


The blue Cinderella shoes are the the New Balance 890v4.  Which I have pair of.  And I love.


I also loved that these were obviously the runDisney shoes.  And they are sparkly.  AND there are ribbons to sub out for shoe laces.

So, it’s obvious which shoes I bought, right?


I LOVE my blue, sparkly, Cindy shoes.  I rocked them all day after the half marathon.  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Have you seen the runDisney shoes.  What do you think?

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