Five Things Friday

Friday again!  YES!  This weekend is going to be so epic!  Long runs, sleeping in, brunch, Mexican food, my brother, sister and niece.  All wonderful.  Let’s get to it then, yes?!

  1. One of my dearest BRFs {Best Running Friends} ran her first marathon early in the fall.  You can catch her recaps here, here and hereGo Team!
  2. Have y’all heard of solid core?  My BFF and coworker was explaining it to me recently.  After I get this shoulder rehabbed, I think I might check it out!
  3. I, clearly, don’t have kids but I never tire of one of my best friend’s hilarious and honest accounts of parenthood.  Warning, this is not for faint of heart!
  4. Did you see this awesome list of 16 books that are being made into movies?  My awesome, tiny book club is going to tackle all the books we haven’t read yet!  I just finished Long Way Down {must read} and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn is an amazing read.  Hope you got a lot of B&N gift cards for Christmas!
  5. My homegirl, Krissy, is soft launching her online run coaching this month! If her coaching style is anything like her online style, and you were thinking about getting a running coach, you better get your tail over there and find out more info, STAT!

Have a great weekend!  More on the WDW Half marathon ASAP!!

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