Walt Disney World Half Marathon Weekend: The Race

Alternatively titled:  The One with Irreparable Chafing, Humidity Off the Charts and General Race Tom Foolery.


Walt Disney World Half Marathon Day 1

Walt Disney World Half Marathon The Expo

Walt Disney World Half Marathon Princess Shoes

Guys.  I really have been putting off this post for obvious reasons.  But let’s start at the beginning.  Flat LNRB was ready for the 3 AM wake up call.


As you can see, I was ready to rock the short sleeve, opened back Lululemon top that I wore for the marathon as the temps were supposed to be similar.  I was ready to go by about 3:20 to meet my Tweeps for a few quick photos before the race.  I kissed MB goodbye and I was out the door.


And into the super intense humidity.  And of course, I didn’t have my room key and was locked out of the building.  So, after calling MB and shedding my first shirt, I hopped on the monorail and raced to meet up with my pals!!tweeps

Please meet Aimee, Coach Jeff, Steff, Sarah, Patrick and Nate

The best part of runDisney, besides the awesome courses, the swag, the medals, the characters and enjoying the parks after the race are the friends that you make.  Before I started running Disney in earnest, I didn’t know any of these awesome athletes.  Connecting with these homeis has made running even that more enjoyable and makes me feel less alone in seas of thousands of runners.

The best part, was they were ALL running DOPEY!  Talk about motivation.  After hugging and squealing {me} and high-fives and words of encouragement {them} it was off to the corrals. Coach Jeff and I waited together in Corral F to get started.  Before we knew it it was time to go.


I started off great.  And then, well, you can read:

Mile 1 – 10:18

Mile 2 – 10:22

Mile 3 – 11:48

Mile 4 – 12:26

Mile 5 – 13:11

Mile 6 – 11:53

Mile 7 – 16:16

Mile 8 – 13:16

Mile 9 – 11:28

Mile 10 – 12:52

Mile 11 – 14:14

Mile 12 – 13:17

Mile 13 – 11:32

And done.


As you can see from the splits I was literally right on track with my race plan.  And then, right before mile 3, it happened.  I bonked.  I’ve hit the wall, suffered heat stroke and now felt the bonk.  I didn’t feel sick, or sad or hungry — it just felt like my plug had been pulled.  Like completely powered down.  When I realized that it was race game over I was so sad.  But I knew when I stepped out into the humidity that morning something was bound to happen.  I’m surprised it was the bonk.  But it happened and that PR and I weren’t going to meet that day.  I called MB at the 5K to let him know I was going to do a lot of walking and he should add about 30 minutes to my expected time.  Always the trooper, he told me I was awesome {sort of lie} and that he couldn’t wait to see me {truth} at the end.  There he was waiting for me with a rose with a Mickey on it and big smile.

Y’all — that walk back to the monorail was the worst.  EVER.  Homegirl has chafed before in areas that I didn’t know were chafeable.  But the sweat and the humidity that day did their WORST.  I was in tears.  I was STILL chafed this past Wednesday at my marathon team track work out.  WHATTHEHECK.

After we got cleaned up, we headed to our lunch reservations at Beaches and Cream.  Since the Kitchen Sink is reserved for real winners, I stuck to a burger and a small sundae.

1555479_10202215835231738_743712106_n 1512296_10202215835071734_236409918_n

MB and I headed to the Magic Kingdom to enjoy the rest of our day.


Probably one of the best parts was meeting my dearest friend Jessica and her husband on a their first adult trip to Disney!  Pure magic!


After all the excitement from the day — and nearly 15 hours of awake time for yours truly — our phones and feet were dead.  We tucked in for a beautiful dinner and drinks at the Grand and got ready to spectate a marathon the next morning.

A lot of people are quietly dancing around my obviously agonizing defeat on that balmy Saturday morning and I can definitively answer the questions I know you’re asking — YES I’m super bummed.  NO it did not ruin my trip or even my race.  I’m SO THANKFUL for every run, even the bad ones. YES I’m going after another PR.  Hopefully in a climate I’m better acclimated to.

How have your first races of the year gone?  Any exciting PRS or rough races?

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