Five Things Friday

HOORAY!  I’m so excited it’s Friday again.  My mom and dad were supposed to come down this weekend to hang out but the weather is kind of the worst.  So, MB and I are going to hole up, I’m going to run 12 miles, and we are FINALLY going to see Frozen.  Praise the heavens!


Every weekend should start with a castle shot.

In the meantime I had a great week and so did the internet!

  1. MB and I are on sort of different planets right now — not in a bad way, that’s just how it’s going down.  That’s why Ad Week’s story of love, cupcakes and the insanity of the business really resonated with me.  We’re both trying to get it while being supportive and loving.
  2. The Everygirl featured U.S. Army Captain del Castillo who is fabulous, fast and gorgeous.
  3. Even though I’m now a flexitarian, my girl AKP at Incredible Crunchy Flavor made me meatless yummy joes {why do they have to be sloppy?!  They are fabulous!}.
  4. Big Sur is going to be nice and hilly, so I’m incorporating these four hill repeat treadmill workouts.  I tried they pyramid.  It kicked my ass.  I loved it.
  5. “I want you to live your life like that cow in the video.”  I love Parks and Rec.   Jean Ralphio gets me every time!

Happy weekend, ya’ll!

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