Last week {to the day exactly} was my 31st birthday.  As you probably know, 30 was a huge year for me and I accomplished a lot.  A lot of the end of 2013 was spent wondering what could I do that would be equal to — if not better than — how great year 30 was!  I landed on focusing on making 31 wonderful.  Or 31-derful!

First — because I know you were worried — we celebrated all weekend! Thursday night before the big day, Anthropologie in Georgetown had a private birthday party for their cardholders and one friend.  Sarah and I headed out to shop and enjoy cupcakes and champy.  There was even a birthday crown.  I loved it.


All I really wanted when I turned 31-derful was for baby Avalee to come visit, which she did and it was all sorts of awesome.


That tshirt of hers, def says Awesome Like Auntie.  And yes, Kanga photobomb.

The on the actual day of my birth there was replete with a brunch, getting my nails done in Virginia and Mexican food.

IMG_1493 IMG_1494

Sure did wear the flip flops from the nail place to my bday dinner!

31-derful, more than anything else, is going to be about the continual improvement of all the important things in my life:  my relationships, my work, and my body.  I have so many fun plans, goals, and the resolutions to see through this year.   I know that it’s going to be amazing.  Stay tuned!

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