Five Things Friday

YESSSSSSSS!  I love when the last day of the month is also Friday.  It seems extra magical!  This week has been completely insane, but great, and this weekend is going to be even better:  runs of all sorts, brunches, MB time and getting a hair cut because, as confirmed by my bests last night, my hair is religious long.  Let’s get to it, then!


I may or may not be wearing this outfit as this post is published…


  1. Do you read That Wife?  Well you should.  She’s frank and transparent and she has changed and evolved so much in the time since I started reading her posts on Wedding Bee.  She’s managed to do so gracefully which to me is the highest order of awesome.  Check out this illustrative post to those points about children acting out.
  3. As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of veterans.  So of course I was all sobby mccry during the State of the Union Address this week.  Check out VA’s post about Sergeant Remsburg.  He is amazing.
  4. Did you know the Super Bowl is this weekend?  Me neither.  Since we don’t have cable, I’ve been getting my dose of commercials via Ad Week.  They ran Anna Kendrick’s hilarious New Castle ad yesterday and I was laughing out loud.  In my cube.
  5. Part of getting ready for the Big Sur marathon is the mental preparation.  I got in the ZONE this week by checking out the video tour of the course.  Mile 10-12.  Ummm….

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