Eating and Running: Meals

I mentioned before that I was giving up full on vegetarianism to put some lean protein back into my diet so I didn’t feel so gross post run {this was RD endorsed}.  Making our meals on a Sunday has been amazing — MB and I get to hang out, try new recipes and what’s even better, we have SO MUCH FOOD to choose from for the next two weeks.  When I explain 2 hours of grocery shopping, plus 4 hours of cooking people are obviously overwhelmed.  I was overwhelmed at first.  But I banged out a system that really works.  To wit:


Here’s how I handle it!


First, things first — I try to figure out what we want to eat for 2 whole weeks.  I try to mix up the types of foods with quasi healthy options.  They all have some sources of healthy protein.  Pinterest has proven the best way to find all sorts of delectable food to try. {I know that every human being between the ages of 12 and 90 know this already, but give me a break}.  I pin everything that I might ever want to eat.  It’s super fun.



From my Eats board I pick about 7 recipes that I want to prepare for the coming weeks.  I write each meal down and run it by MB.  We edit from there to make sure we have a balance of what I like {Mexican} and what he likes {everything else}.


I make a shopping list based on each recipe and what I have in my pantry and freezer.  I usually have to completely restock on the essential parts of the meals because, with this new system, we keep very little food in the house outside of our prepped meals.

Then we hit the grocery store.  My shopping depot of choice is Whole Foods and recently we tried Wegmans.  Wegmans was a complete cluster and I will not be going back there any time soon.


We cook all afternoon on Sundays.  This Sunday was a little different as I ran twenty miles and didn’t get home until after noon.  After a relaxing afternoon and dinner out, we banged out three meals for this week!  We’re going to make the rest of the food next Sunday {after a relaxing 16 mile run!}.

I try to structure our cooking but the last month was just a lot of “OK, now this” and “Oh!  Now this!!”  Complete trial and error.  It’s hectic and we kind of love it.  We average about 4 hours on our feet which as mentioned is tough to deal with now that I’m really long running.  But we’re making it work.  MB is an amazing sous chef and we seriously would not be eating so good if it weren’t for his assistance.


We let all the food cool and portion it out.  Everything goes in the fridge for the first week until we figure out what goes in lunches and what we have during the week.  The following weekend — the off weekend from cooking — we freeze what we have left over and just grab it from the freezer the night before we want to have it to eat.  So far nothing, literally nothing, we bought at the store had to be thrown out because it spoiled or went bad.  {We did toss leftovers of a stir fry because we just didn’t like it — first world probs}.  This is HUGE for us.  We used throw food away ALL. THE. TIME.


My favorite thing about meal prep is that MB and I have delicious homemade meals that we sit at the table and enjoy together every week night.  Weekends we treat ourselves to meals out and it’s actually a treat.  It’s awesome.

In full transparency there have been some meals we’ve liked more than others.  The winners get pinned to my Easy, Make Ahead meals board for me to reference again.  I’d like to to not start repeating recipes for a few months.  With so many options on Pinterest I don’t think that should be so hard!

Here are our top favs so far!


So delic!


We love brinner {breakfast for dinner}.  This was a delicious make a head version of our fav!  So yum.  Plus we were able to add so many veggies!  Did I mention yum!


It  was so good.  That is all.

Do you make your meals ahead?  What are your fav recipes?

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