Five Things Friday


This week went by so fast!  A work trip, a snow work at home day and back loading all my workouts Wednesday through Sunday {whoops!}.  This weekend is going to be awesome:  sorority reunions, cupcake baking, runs, you name it!

  1. I’m raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and this weekend you can shop Stella and Dot jewelry and help my cause!
  2. I read in Runner’s World that glute weakness is one of the main reasons that we end up getting injured.  I’m like the weakest so, at Sarah’s behest, I downloaded the Nike + Training Club App.  Um I can barely move.  Amazing.
  3. One of my guiltiest pleasures is ridiculous reality TV with super rich people acting ridiculous {I know this doesn’t really narrow it down}.  However, my new favorite thing is the show Toned Up.  It’s fun AND about fitness.  You can’t really go wrong.  Oh and you can do their workouts.  Winning.
  4. One of my besites sent me this.  I’m so horrified it took me so long to find it!
  5. I read two great posts about runDisney this week.  What’s your take on the recent changes and announcements?

Have a great weekend!

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