80s Retro Run!

There’s a lot of runs I love:  long runs, short runs, speedy runs, slower runs, night runs, and especially fun run races.  I discovered fun run races — you know the type of runs that focus on cool peeps finishing a race and having a lot of fun doing it,  usually wearing a sweet costume — last year during my 30 races.

That’s why, when the 80s Retro Run contacted me about running their race I literally had a conniption fit of joy!


From the 80s Retro Run Homepage

And what’s even more joyful than running a fun, local race in some fun, retro garb?  Running with friends, DUH!  That’s why I’m so pumped to be giving away one free entry to the 80s Retro Run in Frederick!  Entering the giveaway is simple:  Just leave me a comment detailing your retro wear or  Tweet about the giveaway {make sure to holler at your girl so I count that entry!} — you can do both for more than one chance!  Mark your calendar for March 1 and get to entering!  I’ll announce the winner on my blog on Monday, February 24.  Hooray!

The 80s Retro Run comped my entry for the 5K.  All opinions about the race and retro apparel are mine, natch!


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