Why I’m A Flexitarian and Sunshine Burgers!

I’ve alluded a few times to the fact that I’m no longer on a plant-based diet.  Switching from vegetarian to, as I call it, flexitarian has been super easy.  And delicious.


Clearly trying to eat all the burgers post half marathon.

A few months ago I started talking to a registered dietitian.  And by talking I clearly mean walking to the next cube over — my team has an RD on staff who also happens to be my bestie.  I’ve been complaining to her for months about how no matter how healthy I eat, I feel super crappy, particularly after my workouts.  She asked me a few questions about what I’m eating, when and how the food makes me feel.  We talked about me adding some lean protein back into my diet slowly and viola!  I’ve been feeling stronger, less sluggish and I discovered how I had absolutely no idea how much I missed chicken tacos.

The important lesson from those conversations and experimenting with my diet is that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!  Just because your favorite athlete or friend on Twitter is vegan/gluten free/vegetarian/paleo/chocolate-only doesn’t mean it’s right for your body.  Make sure you talk to someone who knows what the heck they are talking about and can give you advice based on your lifestyle, activity level and how the foods you put into your body, no matter how “clean” , actually make you feel.

I call myself a flexitarian because most often I flex back toward my veggie ways: black bean burger, eggs hold the bacon and lentil-based soups.  That’s why I was so excited when I was chosen to review Sunshine Burgers as part of my involvement with Fit Approach as a SweatPink Ambassador.


MB and Kanga were PUMPED about the delivery featuring dry ice

The burgers come in  Garden Herb, Original, Black Bean South West, Loco Chipotle, Shiitake Mushroom, Falafel  and Breakfast Hemp & Sage flavors.  MB and I tried each one in the traditional way, sandwiched between bread with a few veggie toppings.  To wit:


Our favorite recipe, though was the Black Bean South West burger heated, crumbled and scrambled with eggs.  It made our breakfasts filling and added a little zing.  I was so full, I ended up not needing my usual second breakfast when I got to work!


We are pumped that we have something delicious, easy and healthy to go to off nights when we don’t have a meal prepared or we want a warm snack.  Oh and MB, my meat loving husband really enjoys them:

My amazing husband on hour like 90 of work that day, allows me to film his “warm salad” snack!

Do you eat veggie burgers?  If you do, run, don’t walk to see if they stock Sunshine Burgers at your grocery store!

Full disclosure:   I was provided what seemed like 100 burgers as a promotion with Fit Approach and Sunshine Burgers as a Sweat Pink Ambassador.  My opinions are 100% my own {and MB’s} and do not under any circumstance represent the opinions of my employer {although I bet they’d all love the burgers, too!}.  Also, that bit about RDs was not sponsored by RDs, even though it seems like it is.  You REALLY NEED TO TALK TO A NUTRITION PROFESSIONAL IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR DIET.

Oh!  One last thing!  The nice peeps at Sunshine Burgers wanted to make sure you know this about how awesome their burgers are:

All Sunshine Burgers are made with certified organic, verified Non-GMO whole food ingredients, free of gluten, soy, corn, canola, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy or eggs. Carol has a genius for taking simple ingredients and making them taste good. And each of her flavors really is nicely differentiated from the others, both taste and texture, by varying the use of beans, veggies and spices.

2 thoughts on “Why I’m A Flexitarian and Sunshine Burgers!

  1. Laurie Bailey says:

    Some of these sound yummy, some do not. I checked out the website and there a few places I can find them. I also emailed the company so that they will contact my local store. BBQ and Mushroom sound the best to me.

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