Nashville Hot Chocolate 15K

100% honesty:  I was super nervous about this race.  Mostly because I have heard from everyone here at home that the Hot Chocolate race in DC a few years ago was a complete nutroll.  I was also nervous because, let’s be honest, it was the first race after my quasi disaster in Disney World.

Let’s be real — I didn’t need to worry.  I had these broads.

photo 3

At Tootsies, where we sort of sang The Dixie Chicks ON STAGE with the band.

We started on weekend on Friday when AKP met me in DC and after a delicious reunion dinner, we were off to Music City.

After the obligatory squealing and jumping we headed back to Chez Natalie to get ready for our 6:45 wake up call.  We joked about how it would literally feel like sleeping in since we had a beautiful 3 AM wake up call when we last ran together in Disney Land.

The day of the race was bitterly cold, even for Nashville in February.  We rocked as many layers as we could, along with our Sparkle Skirts, natch, and headed out.  If there was ever a weekend run where I forgot my gloves this should not have been it.

Our race morning was super easy.  Princess N drove us right downtown with no traffic issues {other than us forgetting to look at road closures but whatever} and we literally rolled up to the starting line and into our corral.  We waited less than five minutes and we. were. outta there.

During our five minute wait someone — a volunteer, a random construction man, a Village People band member…? — asked us if we got dressed in the dark and pointed to our skirts.  We were highly offended as as you’ll read wildly vindicated by the end of our 15K jaunt.


Amazing sign, at the race start, Princess K always a good sport for my pictures and incessant talking.

Mile 1:  11:21

Mile 2: 10:36

Mile 3:  11:44

Mile 4:  10:52

Mile 5:  10:51

Mile 6:  11:36

Mile 7:  11:07

Mile 8:  10:37

Mile 9:  9:08

Net time:  1:43


Probably the best part of the run, other than running with my princesses, obvs was when, as we crossed the line the most magical thing happened.

The back story is that we were pretty convinced that we were going to get a special shout out at the finish line because we were wearing our very special sparkle skirts.  EVERYONE along the course was super excited about our outfits.  We were complimented at every water stop {of which there were many} by the amazing volunteers {that were everywhere} and the the crowds lining the streets {which were plentiful and super supportive}.  As we crossed the line, there the announcer was shouting “OHMYGOSH” and we were like OHHH yeah this is our sparkle skirt moment!  And then we looked again and there was a guy!  And he was PROPOSING!

Of course, I started losing my MIND!  we all did.  The three of us started jumping around SCREAMING at the top of our lungs.  Hugging crying, fist-bumping.  It was awesome.  And we would not get out of the way of the proposal.  So, yeah we photo bombed an engagement.  I was so excited that I asked the end of race volunteers that we should get married.


See us there?  Top right?  Happiest day of our lives. 

I forgot I was married — that’s how excited I was.

After we calmed down we got our super tasty fondue with all sorts of snacks plus some hot chocolate.  We were so warm from our run we thought we would sit in the park to enjoy.  That lasted about 8 second as our core temps plummeted and we raced back to the car.  Poor Princess N:  her hands were too cold to hold her banana — into her hood it went!


Being a runner means adapting to the elements.

The rest of our time in Nashville was amazing:  the food is to die for, the shops are adorable, the history is amazing.  The company was bar none.


Princess K and I busted out one last run together and we executed our #selfiefaces.  If you’re not watching #richkidsofbeverlyhill you are dead to me until you remedy it, OK?  Also, brunch in Nashville means gets a fondue pot of maple syrup with meats and french toast and waffles to dip in it.  I’m relocating.

The trip was awesome.  I am so so so thankful to have such amazing girlfriends.  And I would absolutely run this race again.  Hopefully next year it’s a few degrees warmer.  And Hilary is with us, completing #TeamPrincess1983.

Have you run a Hot Chocolate race?

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