A Custom Medal Hanger in 5 Easy Steps

I am now the proudest owner of two one-of-a-kind medal holders, mounted and displaying my race medals from my first race in 2010 all the way to now.  All it took was a little perseverance and 5 easy steps!

photo 3

Step 1:  Dislike all the medal hangers out there.

For a long time I waffled about getting a medal hanger from the popular places by which to source said hangers.  There was just something about the sayings and the materials that didn’t fit the other things in my house and the way that I think about my medals.  Sure I’m proud of them, but they’re not the only thing I’ve accomplished or the only marker of my strength.  I wanted something understated and definitely more me.  So I turned to Etsy to see what they had and then I realized, um, my dad can just make these.

Step 2:  Have crafty father, mother, husband

All three of my peeps were in on this.  Jan helped me source the adorable knobs by which my medals would hang.  MB and Big Paul colluded on the materials and size of the hangers.  Then once it was built, Jan stained the hangers and finally MB hung them when they got home.

photo 2 photo 1

photo 3


Step 3:  Run tons of races and get tons of medals by which to use your medal hanger.

Pretty self explanatory.  The medal hanger went from want to need pretty quickly once my tiny shoe box that normally housed my medals was overrun with bling.  Mostly from my 30 races in 2013.

photo 1

my fav medal tie with my marathon medal

Step 4:  Hang up medals

This was my favorite part {besides the running}.  Reliving my fav races through the medals and including MB’s bling — it was pretty outstanding.

photo 5 photo 4

Step 5:  Be the happiest

I hate Sundays.  But my medal hangers and having all my medals in one place made it oh so much more tolerable.  I found myself admiring the medals and the medal hangers while making dinner.  I’m pretty pleased about the hangers and their location of prominence in the house!

photo 2

Do you have a medal hanger?  Was yours a custom creation?


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