LNRB Loves

I’ve acquired some pretty awesome things recently that have been making me super happy.  Specifically the running gear!


Nathan Intensity 2L Hydration Pack

One hundred years ago when I busted my shoulder, I found that running with my fuel belt to carry hydration on long runs {I carry my own water for any run over 6 miles} hurts my shoulder and back.  And by hurt I mean couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move and couldn’t run without sobbing.  Not useful.  I tried to use a handheld water bottle but it leaked, soaked my gloves and I was seriously thought I was going to get frostbite, total Lauren probs.  I knew it was time to try backpack-ish hydration.  I picked up this backpack at the RRS in Rockville at their grand opening.  It was the last one and I of course held it over my head in triumph.  I took it out for a spin during my 14 miler this past weekend and I am OBSESSED with the pack.  It was easy to use, held enough water for my whole run and didn’t hurt my back at all.  Winning.


oiselle Lesley Tights

As I prepped for the marathon this cycle and realized that the weather was not going to cooperate in any way shape or form I knew I was going to have to stock up on some cold weather gear.  I immediately went to my new favorite, oiselle, and picked up these FLEECE-LINED Lesley tights.  They are warm and adorable.  Even better — and sorry for the TMI — the fabric does NOT hold the stinky.  So I’m warm but not gross!



Um, all of his tracks need to be on your running playlist as soon as possible.  And also, who knew he was so adorable?  I’m loving Hey Brother — it really pumps me up!

chat tights

Athleta Chaturunga Capri

I’ve been pretty committed to my practice as I’ve notice the more running I do + more yoga = happier hips.  It’s a good combo. Like any good runner turned yogi I was just rocking whatever spandex I had on hand to the studio on Monday nights.  At my last class, I got tangled up in my pants and fell, gracefully, of course.  I did some research and these little babies got great reviews.  Yoga went and got itself cancelled with the snow so I have to wait to give them their first spin in the studio.


Tory Burch Robinson Double Zip Tote

Last, not running related, but certainly not least:  MB bought me a new leather bag for Christmas and I got it early to cart it around Italy {I went to Italy  — we need to talk about that}.  Well, true to Longchamp form, that ish was ruined after about 3 months of use.  I hauled it back into Nordstrom this weekend and they exchanged my fail bag {which I loved, thank you, MB but Longchamp the quality of your bags is just awful} with this beautiful new beauty.  I just love how spacious, structured and pink it is.  I might have died and gone to purse heaven

What new things have you been in love with, lately?

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