Five Things Friday

YESSS!!  I’m so so so excited about the weekend.  I’m going to meet a baby, run 16 miles and hang out with MB.  This week was so fantastic — let’s get to it!


I’m going to be telling you about so much spaghetti over this weekend it’s going to be out of control

  1. The Lopez’s won the Oscar for Let it Go from Frozen.  Their acceptance speech was adorable.
  2. I’m pretty excited to rejoin Team Princess 1983 for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon this fall.  This is the only runDisney race, other than the Tower Ten Miler, that I’ve run more than 2 times.  I’ve read a lot of recaps but Krissy’s is by far the best.
  3. Speaking of Disney, if you don’t think I’m making ADRs at the brand new Mexican Restaurant at Coronado Springs then we just don’t know each other that well, do we?
  4. Oiselle is hosting this really bomb retreat.  I kind of wished I lived in the Pacific Northwest so that I could go.  Every weekend.
  5. I’m sure you’ve seen it because you’re a runner and as far as I know you’re not living under a rock, BUT this new Mizuno campaign, If Everybody Ran, is amazing, inspiring and frankly super well done.  I loved the chat this week with FitFluential {more on that later!}

Have a great weekend!!

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