Training Run Report: Central Park

Every so often we go on a training run in a location that we’ve always dreamed of running.  It happened for me this past weekend, when I got to run in Central Park — the runner’s paradise.


When we decided we were going to meet up with Tom and Britt in NY I was thrilled to find out we were only 1 mile from the park AND that Tom and I are both in training for Pittsburgh — I almost burst.  Since I became what I consider a more serious runner, I have held out NYC running, especially running in The Park something that every runner has to do at some point.  I had planned to do two eight mile runs to get up to my 16 miles over the weekend.  MB didn’t want me running by myself on Friday morning so I impatiently waited for Saturday morning when Tom could run.  At 9:23 AM on Saturday we were off to live one of my running dreams.

The run was everything.  Tom is a fantastic run friend and we nailed my goal pace.

Mile 1:  10:30

Mile 2:  9:58

Mile 3:  10:13

Mile 4:  11:37

Mile 5:  10:14

Mile 6:  9:55

Mile 7:  11:43

Mile 8:  9:52

We entered the park at the Engineer’s Gate and hit trail North.  There’s this HUGE road — four lanes, in some place 6 — 2 for runners and 2 for bikers {and then 2 for strollers closer to the Plaza}.  The road is closed to non essential vehicles {aka the NYPD and the horse drawn carriages} so it’s super safe.  Also, and this was my favorite part, there were so many runners out on that road!!  I felt like I was running a 5K — there were so many people out.  I wanted so badly to stop and take pictures of the mobs of runners, walkers and bikers, but we would have been run over.

This training run was, as it turns out exactly what I needed.  I of course, did no research into the topography of the park beforehand, other than to know it was a 6 mile total outer loop, and as it turns out it was super hilly — kind of good running for Big Sur coming up so so soon.  While I needed to get a full 16 in, and it would have been easy to do with another lap around the park, I went back with Tom so that we weren’t late for our brunch rezzy.  Priorities.  Oh and by the way, Tom did amazing.  It was his first 8 mile run ever.  Needless to say, we were both pretty pleased with ourselves.

photo 1

Do you have a few dream training run locales?

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