Marathon Training Weeks 11 & 12

While I’m behind on updating my biweekly training here, make no mistake that I’ve been logging those miles like a crazy person.

Week 11:


Week 11:  28 miles

We traveled to my hometown this week to see my family {mostly squeeze a baby but the rest of them are pretty OK, too}.  There’s really nowhere super safe for me to run a full 12 miler other than looping the neighborhood skateyeight times.  Normally I force MB to bring his bike and ride with me on those long runs on the pretty deserted Ghost Town Trail.  It was FA-REEZING so I thought I would be a nice marathoning wife and not force him to ride along.  Splitting the miles worked out just fine.  I had a great week that week!

Week 12:  33 miles

week 12

I was back with my training group this week for the long run and had to get in training runs of 6 miles for the first {and last} time during the training.  My group was running 12 and my coach stayed on and did 14 with me, which was of course amazing.  I didn’t have my watch or my phone with me on that run but my coach said I was on target for my goal pace.

Now that my training group has wrapped I’m sort of on my own just as my training is peaking.  I did a little bit of an epic fail this week, but I think it will be OK.  At least I hope!

How is your {never ending} winter training?

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