An Egregious Mistake

On Friday, I went over all the new races that have popped up in schedule since before 2014.  There was one race that was flagrantly missing — the one I’m probably the most excited about.

The Akron Marathon Relay.

Rewind to September, when I met my online BRF and coach Jeff in person at the Great Race in Pittsburgh.  Turns out he loves runDisney and Disney vacas just as much as I do!  After we ran together we vowed that we would meet up again at the WDW Marathon weekend {where he, of course, was running the Dopey Challenge}.  Then he introduced me to Chelsea {whom I alluded to in my last post} and also through Jeff I met Stef {another PGH/Dopey Challenger} and Sarah {another PA/Dopey Challenger}.  When I met Stef and Sarah  at the start of the WDW Half Marathon it was pretty much love at first excited high five.  Everyone was so supportive and loving that weekend – mostly via Twitter but I got some quality hugs and good jobs – I knew I made some pretty serious friends.


from left Jeff, me Stef and Sarah — a sandwich of awesome between Nate, Patrick and Aimee

Jeff, Chelsea and I had been emailing back and forth about setting up a marathon relay for months and finally settled on Akron.  After how much fun we all had supporting each other through the Dopey Challenge, Jeff suggested we reach out to Stef to join our team.  After Stef said yes, Sarah was a no brainer to put our team of five together.  Chelsea, who is literally the queen of these logistics is our fearless leader our team named seemed pretty obvious to us:  Four Princesses and a Frog.


I’m obvs Mulan.  She’s badass.

Since we registered we’ve been reporting our split times on our leg mileages {we all have to run approximately 5.5 miles} and, regardless of how fast I run my leg {and, don’t tell Captain Chels, I keep forgetting which leg I’m running} I am most excited about spending the weekend with some of the kindest most inspirational runners I’ve ever, ever had the pleasure to know!

And let’s be real — what could be a more appropriate event for me than one where I’m cheering a lot, hugging people {my team} and running?  It doesn’t exist.  This relay is going to be!

Have you ever run a marathon relay?  Do you have a ton of online friends who completely rock?

7 thoughts on “An Egregious Mistake

  1. Sara @ Embrace My Space says:

    I love that you’re Mulan. I would be Ariel. Red hair and no legs for running! muah! keep up the wonderful work! I have LOTS of online friends, some which have turned to wonderful real life friends. The Internet is NOT evil 😉

  2. Jeff S. says:

    So excited to “HOP” along the Akron relay with FOUR PRINCESSES! Glad to have met you all and become online & IRL FRIENDS! 🙂

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