Marathon Training Weeks 13&14

I’m at the point in my training where I know I can run the marathon.  I’m completely confident that these races are going to be FINE.  These runs, especially in weeks 13 and 14 were icing on the marathon prep cake!



Week 13:  29  miles

This was the first week I was supposed to be running 7 miles during the week.  As we can see….not really happening.  But I did get my 11 miler in by myself which made me feel awesome.  I was back on the George Washington Parkway trail and it was a beautiful day.  I was of course wildly overdressed.  Then Sunday I snuck in those extra miles with the Pacers 8K with Jaime.  It was all sorts of win!



Week 14:  23 miles

This was the week we were in NYC with Tom and Brittany.  I had a rough week and just couldn’t get my act together for the mid week runs.  Then I bailed on my long run, which was you know not the best idea I ever had, but I’m really resting on the miles I logged earlier in the cycle with the my training group.  Maybe not the best approach but I totally ran those miles!  And you know, Central Park is always awesome.

This week is already off to a rough start with snow and illness running rampant.  I have three days left this week to turn it around which I’m pretty sure I can do!

How is your training going?




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