A Letter to Monika

Dear Monika,

I think you are awesome.  Obviously.


Wonder woman indeed.  Photo source.

But not because you started a woman owned business that donates its proceeds to a not for profit that I believe in and support ardently.  And also not because you trained for and ran the LA Marathon while you were getting chemo for brain cancer.  I’m proud of you because, as a runner, when faced with certain adversity, you are handling yourself with the pluck and aplomb I have come to idolize from members of the community that I am so so proud to be a part of.


Look, what Self Magazine did was super shitty, seriously.  But what can we, as women and as athletes, expect from a mag that claims I can get a 22 minute beach body and then has the gall to ask me is Easter candy worth it? {answer: DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.}  What this last year has shown me, and even the last few minutes, however, is that everything that the people at Self Magazine lack–  dignity, grace, integrity and kindness–you, your friends, your company and the people that love you more than make up for.  And I’m so proud that it’s a trend I’ve seen in our community, a community made up predominantly of women, since I started running {what I consider seriously} in the last two years.

You have had every chance to lambast Self Magainze, to call them super bad names {names I called them on the train when I saw the article and then repeated to my husband when I called him outraged to report of this recent injustice} to call for your followers, your customers and friends to boycott the magazine.  But you haven’t.  You’ve quietly and gracefully reported the story.  My guess is that you’re going to do something awesome next like start a tutu only race and donate all the money to like every sick puppy in the universe.  Because you’re classy like that.

Here’s the thing:  I also run in tutus.  I ran in one to celebrate my best friend’s first half marathon.  Then I ran in one to celebrate a big running accomplishment for my favorite girls in the world.  I’m wearing one that my mama made me for my third marathon — a marathon I can show up to because I raised money to help the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  So, I get you, girl.  Tutus are amazing.  I’m actually going to wear my tutu on my long run this weekend.  I want to show up on Self Magazine’s BS meter because apparently all the cool girls in tutus are these days.

Keep being awesome.  Keep making beautiful tutus that empower and inspire other runners, men and women alike.  And thank you for being such an amazing example of what grace is.  We all need a reminder like you now and then.

With love,



11 thoughts on “A Letter to Monika

  1. Brittany says:

    Omg, I HATE Self Magazine. Ever since they photoshopped 40 lbs. off of Kelly Clarkson (the article was about how much she loved herself and her body at any size, natch) I stopped reading. Self sucks!

  2. BackatSquare0 (@BackAtSquare0) says:

    I say that we should celebrate and cheer woman on as they make smart healthy decisions to do something for themselves, something great for their health. I don’t understand why women would ever tease each other about what they run in and I sure as HE$& don’t understand why a magazine that is supposed to empower women and fitness would ever mock or tease a female runner.
    Embrace, love, cheer… that is what we should all do for each other!

  3. chocolaterunnergirl says:

    I mean could we all just be kind to each other!
    Screw Self mag! I’m so over these types of incidents!
    Tutus rock and anyone who runs in one is equally as awesome!!
    Love this post and you!
    The end.

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