Five Things Friday

Thank the sweet baby jesus in a manger on Christmas eve night in Bethlehem.  Speaking of sweet babies — let get this weekend started off on the right foot:

This video is my super amazing niece sitting up and playing delightedly with her Peekaboo Bear.  My fav part is that she and I have the same excited reaction to um, everything.

  1. Let’s not rehash tutu gate, OK?  But let’s seriously, as women and people that like women, start DEMANDING that magazines marketed for us have rich, meaningful or at least quasi cerebral content, please.
  2. Y’all.  If you think that I haven’t obsessively started planning our tiny little anni trip to WDW you’re out of your mind.  I’m sad that it won’t include breakfast here though.
  3. Speaking of food, if you’re going to be in town for the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, I suggest you join Patrick and I for our Doughnut Meet Up post race, K?
  4. I just loved this stock video with the man’s comforting voice pointing out everything we all hate about advertising.
  5. I’m firmly in the NO camp on jogging in place at intersections.  But that might change if I look as awesome as Scott Douglas!

Guys.  Have a great weekend ❤

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