In Like a Limping Wildebeast, Out Like a Lion

The last day of March was always my favorite in elementary school.  That’s when we would take down the lion and lamb pictures we had colored and talk about if the weather came in like a lion and out like a lamb or vice versa.  Now, two decades later, my pictures for inspection would be more like a maimed, limping wildebeest and a huge ferocious picture of Simba right as he’s about to decimate Scar at the end of the Lion King — that’s how March went for me.


that’s me on the left there about to get eaten.


and then of course me, as Simba, ready to kick some uncle rump.

March started with a ton of crying, self doubt and uncertainty.  February had left me brutalized physically.  I went into my first long run in March nursing not one but three injuries.  And I knew I was still staring down sixty days of training.

But then things start to look up. We went to NYC with our dearest friends and saw the Book of Mormon.  It was a great getaway.

photo 1

i LOVED it. not recommended if you believe in God, Jesus, etc. and are offended easily.

We went to my marathon training group’s end of the season banquet.  It was really inspiring to see so many of my teammates who had already earned their spring bling. And we sat with this awesomely speedy guy, Keith who regaled us with tales of 100 milers and the upcoming Boston marathon.  One day!  Oh and MB and I had all the fun.

photo 2

we’ve been watching a lot of rich kids of beverly hills.

I found out I won a pair of the new Mizuno Wave Creation 15s.  And Frozen came in the mail the very same day.  The jury is still out on the Wave Creations but man are they fancy.

photo 3

I hit the 100 mile marker AGAIN way early in the month.  It makes me feel SO READY for the marathons.


Then just a few days later I got this sweet Team in Training sweatshirt in the mail with no note or anything!  I emailed our coordinators and I found out I earned my sweatshirt because I was over halfway to my fundraising goal at re commitment time.  Needless to say I was so excited and I pretty much wear the sweatshirt non stop.

photo 4

Also this month, we filed our taxes and for the first time did not owe thousands of dollars, I paid off one of my students loans and then, I got offered a new job.

March.  Thanks for everything.  Especially the chance to stage an epic LNRB-style comeback.  See you next year!

How was your month?


2 thoughts on “In Like a Limping Wildebeast, Out Like a Lion

  1. hcook says:

    I’m really interested in hearing your opinion on the Creations. I’ve heard mixed reviews. I just switched from the Wave Runners to the Wave Enigmas after 3 years – some adjustment but l think I really like change.

    • lnrbailey says:

      Hil, my feet/legs are a mess. They are way too sturdy for me (big departure from Wave Sayonara) and I’m in a lot of pain. So right now I’m just wearing them to run errands. Working with Mizuno to see if I can switch them out for a different pair!

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