Marathon Month

When I registered for the Big Sur Marathon, I knew it would come.  I mean it had to, right.  Time marches on regardless of how many sit ups and squats you don’t do or how many miles you’ve run.  And now, here we are.  Marathon month.

marathon month

At the beginning of March, I was pretty certain that by the beginning of April I would be freaking out.  When I got to marathon month last year I was having panic attack-esque dreams and breaking out into cold sweats if anyone even mentioned May 5.  This time around, though, when I realized that marathon month was upon me I felt an overwhelming sense of RELIEF.

I have been training for this marathon in particular since December and planning to run 2 marathons back to back since January — it’s time.  My friends with kids have often told me, right before their babies arrive, that they are so ready to just get that kid outta there — there’s only so much prepping and planning and primping you can do for a baby.  Not that running a marathon is like birthing a child, but I am starting to understand the sentiment.

So, this month I’m focusing on a few things:

  1. Finishing out my training strong:  honestly the last two weeks were a mess.  I have every intention of getting back onto my schedule and banging out these miles
  2. Adjusting my diet:  running 10 miles on a random Wednesay after work really requires that I stop eating whatever I feel like during the day to get me through.  I’m back on my tummy-friendly eats to improve performance and make sure I don’t get sick during my {now what are all long} runs.
  3. Planning for our vacation!!  MB and I will in CA Thursday to Tuesday and it’s not all race related {Well most of it is, but still} so I’ve obsessively put together a timeline of things we’ll be up to while we’re in Monterrey.  In case you were curious, you can peep my very rough draft below! Please note that most of it is related to what, when and where I will be eating.


Thursday April 24
Depart IAD 9:20 AM
Arrive Monterrey Airport 1:40 PM
Hotel Shuttle from Airport

Eat something, obvs

Friday April 25
Packet pick up:  Noon to 6:00 p.m
Relaxing at the resort
Dinner: Yafa Mediterranean Food 7-8 PM

Saturday April 26
Sleep In!Big Brunch/Lunch – I’m thinking 10:30-11
Crepes of Brittany
Early dinner – I’m thinking about 5
Obsessively stretch, hydrate and prep for the next day

Sunday April 27
Wake up 3 AM
Cab/shuttle to buses at 1 Portola Plaza 3:30 AM
Marathon start: 6:45 AM
Dominate marathon
Finish by 1 PM
Leisurely morning
Breakfast at the hotel
Bring snacks
Meet Lauren in the Finisher’s Village
Bus back to not our hotel
Cab back to our Hotel
Shower/Nap/Maybe room service
Hot Stone and Signature 80 minute massages at Hotel Spa 4:30

Late Lunch/Early Dinner!
Sarita’s The Original {It’s Mexican food don’t worry!}

Monday April 28
Maybe taking in Monterrey
Maybe not

Tuesday April 29
Leave hotel via hotel shuttle 4 AM
Depart Monterrey 6:15 AM
Arrive IAD 6 PM
Cry because it’s over and we have to run another marathon in 5 days

How do you prep when your race is FINALLY on the calender you can see?


6 thoughts on “Marathon Month

  1. Brittany says:

    What are your tummy friendly eats? Also, have you ever had a massage right after a race, and if so, did you like it? I was thinking about procuring one for tall Tom. 🙂

    • lnrbailey says:

      I avoid high fiber foods (black beans, whole wheat anything) high fat, especially in dairy, and soda as much as possible. The week before I eat like I have the flu: applesauce, right, bananas and toast. I’m nuts about my belly not hurting during the run.
      YES! I have had a massage– not directly after but later in the week. In Big Sur, I’m actually getting the hot stone massage 4 hours after finishing the race so I’ll let you know how I feel (most likely awesome). ALSO I will email you about brunch rezzies!! XX

  2. chocolaterunnergirl says:

    We plan things the same!!! You will ROCK it!!
    I did a hot stone massage 2 hours after my last half and it was amazing! I really feel my recovery was much faster because of the massage!

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