The Only Fixer Upper Fixer That Can Fix a Fixer Upper

is true love.


nothing says I love you, LNRB more than celebratory/taper Sprinkles cupcakes

This week, I’ve felt like a total fixer upper, with my fear of overtraining, allergies and the trepidation that come with all the newness I’ve got going on lately.  One of the most amazing things though, just like the trolls said is that the way to get all fixed up is true love.  My friends and family have come out in full force over the last week {and let’s be real, the last several months} to commiserate, celebrate {hence the cupcakes} to be as supportive and amazing as humanly possible.

So, thanks, ya’ll, for being so wonderful.  I still have three weeks to be nervous and anxious and worried but with all of this love, I know my freak outs will be fewer and farther between.

And to say thank you, enjoy one of my all time favorite Disney songs.  Ever!

Who do you turn to when you’re a fixer upper that needs some true love?

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