Five Things Friday

Happy Friday!  I’m so excited about this weekend!  Jan and Paul are coming, the 10 miler, there will be doughnuts!  Hooray!  Thankfully the internet did NOT disappoint this week!  Let’s have at it!



  1. Why is Seth MacFarlane so attractive? And smart?  And funny?
  2. Speaking of funny — Stephen Colbert takes on the haters. And of course it’s hysterical.
  3. Speaking of haters!  Honey Maid did something beautiful. And now I will be a loyal customer for pretty much ever.
  4. There was a LOT of debate in my office this week about whether or not irregardless is a word.  What’s your take?
  5. And of course, Buzzfeed’s list of 75 things every runner thinks while out for a run, is brilliant.

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