Rest Week

With less than three weeks until the big day, it probably seems counter intuitive that I’m taking a week off.  But I am.  And I can’t WAIT!

photo 4

a great start to rest week.  also coach Jeff has endorsed rest week.

As a result of my bad ass training this cycle {and by bad ass I mean running only, no strength, no cross training — so synonymous with stupid} I’ve found myself laid up on any given run with the following:

The strained quad on Friday was really a wake up call. MB still maintains that I’m over trained, so after some quick googling and consulting with some of my running friends, I decided that I would take the week off from running completely.  A complete no running week so close to the marathon, especially during at 44 mile week seems really, really, really stupid, so again I took the internet to help me devise a plan but still maintain some semblance of order in my training.

Behold!  My rest week training plan:

  • Monday – Vinayasa
  • Tuesday – 8 miles on the elliptical {minimum 90 RPMs}
  • Wednesday — 8 miles on the elliptical {minimum 90 RPMs} + stretching + 50-100 body weight squats
  • Thursday — 8 miles on the elliptical (minimum 90 RPS} + 15 minute NTC abs + 5 miles on the bike
  • Friday — Vinyasa
  • Saturday — REST
  • Sunday  — run 20 miles easy {11:45-12 minute per mile} with one big hill climb

I have never looked forward to a workout week the way I’m looking forward to this one.  That tells me that mentally and physically I need this rest week — even during one last high mileage situation.

That, and, I should not train for 24 weeks for the Marine Corps Marathon.

Have you ever taken a week off of running before a big race?


5 thoughts on “Rest Week

  1. Steffany R says:

    I had to take a week off one month before Disney. I was in nephew watch and had to be ready at anytime to leave. I think it really helped!

    You are going to do awesome anyway! Enjoy this week =)

    • lnrbailey says:

      Whew! Seriously so good to hear that so many runners I admire took the same approach. Is it bad that I’m LOVING not having any runs during the week? 😉

  2. Pam says:

    Don’t worry about a rest week. I have had to do that several times over the last few years and one week will not change a thing. Enjoy your extra free time!

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