Race Report: Cherry Blossom 10 Miler

When my amazing sister Theta Phi sister, Jennifer, asked if I would take her Cherry Blossom {henceforth forevermore CB} bib I waffled. I really didn’t have the best race last year, it was crowded and let’s be real, I can run over the memorial bridge any old day.  But then I remembered how many amazing people would be running and spectating this race, plus my parents had offered to come to down on rare off weekend so I took the bib.

And man am I glad I did.

I originally planned to actually race this race.  Shove myself to the top of the corral, execute my race plan race this race.   But I remembered my dearest friend Kate was running her first major race at CB and we planned to stick together and run the race.  When new best friend Chelsea and I made plans to meet up before hand we agreed to stick together for the first part of the race and if she wanted to speed ahead and catch up after, she would.  But she didn’t.

Spoiler alert:  This is one of the funnest and best races races I’ve ever run.

It’s not always about finish times… sometimes it’s just about being surrounded by people that have the same passion and joy for runningPavement Runner

Mom, MB and I headed out from our suburban hell house at 5:30 which meant a 4:20 AM wake up call for yours truly.  We parked at the Court House metro stop and only had a few short minutes to ride downtown.  We got to Smithsonian in plenty of time and headed over the bag check area where we had planned to meet Patrick, Chelsea and Kate.  As we stood there and froze our crew of awesome quickly assembled.  I had the pleasure of meeting Patrick at WDW in January but, for Chelsea and I, this was our first IRL encounter.  I had picked up her bib and swag for her and was so excited to meet her.  Dude, Chelsea did NOT disappoint.  From the moment she spotted my all pink outfit {pink hat, pink shirt, pink sweat pants, you know how I roll} to our last hug goodbye many hours later, I knew I had scored a life long friend.  {Sorry, C, you’re STUCK WITH ME NOW!}  Kate showed up and took some pics, natch.

photo 1

Patrick was obvs dressed as a bill since he’d be on Capitol Hill.

We headed to the corrals and bid Jan and MB goodbye {they headed directly to Starbucks to avoid the wind and cold.}  As we waited we talked about running and our strategy for this race.  We also just tried to stay warm.

photo 2 - Copy

At around 7:48 our purple wave crossed the mat and we made our way to the Memorial Bridge.  Chelsea, Kate and I fell into an easy conversational pace.  And by conversational I mean Chealsea and I caught up on the last 31 years I’ve been without her.  Kate told us about planning her nutpuals and I of course regaled them with my typical nonsense.  It was perfect.

Mile 1 – 11:25

Mile 2 – 11:20

Mile 3 – 11:27

Mile 4 – 11:12

Mile 5 – 11:16

Mile 6 – 10:30

Mile 7 – 13:03 {bathroom break!!}

Mile 8 – 11:50

Mile 9 – 11:29

Mile 10 – 11:25

Net: 1:55

Official: 2:01

 photo 3 - Copy

Post race GLORY!


After the race we met up with my elfie Esther as well as Natalie, Mandy and Patrick and had some delicious doughnuts  and friend chicken from Astro.

photo 5 photo 4

We had the best time talking about our races, running and upcoming events.  In those very cold, very delicious moments of connecting with my online friends in real life, I felt so happy.  Happier than I’ve been in a long time.  I get to do things like this race, with people I love, and people that I just met who I fall in love with.  Then we get to chat about things we love together.  It was magical.  And fun.  And cold.

So we headed home via Virginia and my family took me Cheesecake Factory to celebrate.  It was an amazing race day.

Special thanks to Jenn.  And HUGE congrats to Kate!!

How was your running or racing this weekend?

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