Marathon Training Weeks 15 & 16

Sigh.  These two weeks are the two that should have been awesome but were just lacking.  Normal people are running their race by week 16 but not me —-ohhhhh no.  And I think these two weeks really reflect my exhaustion.

Week 15:  34 Miles

I know I shouldn’t beat myself up for running 34 miles in a week but this WAS WAY below where I needed to be on the long run.  My training buddies weren’t able to meet me and I ran with a different group who was only targeting 8 miles that morning.  I got as much done as I could on my own before throwing in the towel.


Week 16:  26 miles

This was supposed to be my first week of 8 milers three times a week.  As we can see I was just not having it.  I banged one out and was super super proud of that run.  Otherwise, it was just a lot of misery, leg pain and general chicanery.


Despite having a few really rough weeks, as you can tell I’m on the rebound.  While my weekly mileage is not as high as it should be according to my schedule, I really clocked those miles early in the cycle and I’ve said it before, I’m really really banking on those.

How is your training going?

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