How to Have an Awesome Race T Shirt Quilt in 5 Easy Steps

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you were just on fire?  Everything was coming up {insert your name here} and you were pretty sure that the next person you saw was going to offer you a million dollars and your own private island because you are just that gangster?

So multiply that feeling times a million and stuff it into my yesterday night.  That’s how happy I was to get my 30 races T Shirt quilt.

collage quilt 1

super stoked

Let’s get to those 5 easy steps!

Step 1:  Run a bunch {maybe 30?} races.

When I started on my quest for 30 races I quickly realized I was going to have a lot of race bibs, a lot of medals and a LOT of t shirts.  I decided pretty early that I was going to want a t shirt quilt so I started laundering my shirts and putting them away for safe keeping and by December I had 30 shirts.  Not every race gave me a shirt and I wasn’t going to be putting my boss hooded sweatshirt from my final race into the quilt so lucky for me there were multiple shirts for some of the races which meant I had a 30 square quilt guaranteed.

Step 2: Obsessively research t shirt quilters then stalk them online.

I started researching quilters early knowing it’s a very specialized and time consuming craft.  A lot of places I contacted had NO IDEA what I was talking about when I said, “so yeah, I’m going to have a lot of tech material coming your way.”  Their confusion made me nervous that I’d get a jacked up quilt with lots of snagged technical tees.  Then I found Michelle of Kent’s Quilts.  I emailed her after checking out her Facebook page and explained my 30 races and what I wanted to do with my shirts.  She immediately emailed me back, saying she thought it was super cool that I was running to celebrate my birthday, that she’s a runner and loves runDisney too and she’s done of tone of tech tee quilts.  I was sold!  I told her it would be a spring thing so I can get all the shirts out and sent her way.  We stayed in touch via email and come March, it was time.

Step 3:  Get out all your shirts and obsess about how you’re going to have them organized.

photo 1

When I laid them out in order, I’m not going to lie, I was proud of myself all over again.  Those are a lot of miles and a lot of fun represented there!  Next, I tried to decide which shirts would be featured where and if I wanted the back or the front of the shirt.  Then I typed out a list of the shirts for Michelle, wrote her a check for the quilt plus shipping for the finished product and hauled them to the post office.  The box to Michelle was about $14 without insurance {which is retrospect was dumb but it all works out in the end}.

Step 4:  Work with Michelle Kent.

Michelle and I exchanged no less than 10 emails while she worked on my quilt.  I was thrilled to learn that I wouldn’t have to pick front or back on some of the shirts that had cool designs on both sides.  Like our baby Mac tee for the Ukrops 10 K that said Oops we did it again on the back {cause someone from team Sweet Briar +LNRB always ran that race knocked up}.

photo 3

Then, she suggested we lay them out based on the colors that looked good together.  I told her I trusted her but she sent me a proof anyway because she’s awesome.

photo 4 copy


Then we chatted about the material she would use.  I think she can see into my soul as she suggested navy blue polka dots.  Michelle, you’re my sister from a different mister.  I waited for 5 days and then Michelle sent me a note that the quilt was on its way.  Start to finish the whole quilt experience was less than a month.

Step 5: Get your quilt and wonder how you ever lived without it.

I was so excited to get the quilt last night.  I ripped it open and posed triumphantly for MB who even remarked how impressive the quality is.

quilt collage 2

The quality IS amazing and I’m so so happy with the quilt.  I even snuggled underneath it yesterday to watch our favorite TV shows before bed.

If you’re thinking about making a T shirt quilt please do everyone a favor and contact Michelle at Kent’s Quilts immediately.

How do you commemorate all your race accomplishments?

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