Five Things Friday

HOORAY!  I am halfway into my 4 day weekend!!  There are so many good things happening!  The weather is PERFECT, my bestie is coming to spending the night, my final 20 miler, seeing friends, shopping, eating — BRING IT ON.  But in the meantime, thank you internet for a wonderful week!


see?  best weekend ever!

  1. The GFY coverage of the Royal Tour is phenom.  I especially enjoyed their latest post about the yacht race, but let’s be real, you should obsessively be reading all of it!
  2. I did these joint tests from Runner’s World and um, then did some serious stretching.
  3. I’m so excited for Marathon Monday I could pass out.  I know it’s cliche but I really really want an American to win.  And I really really really want it to be Shalane. {No presh!}
  4. WDW Marathon registration opens on April 22!  I loved Sarah’s posts about the Dopey Challenge!  It’s getting me way pumped for Goofy!
  5. This may be the final foray into my extreme nerdiness but I don’t even care.  The Game of Thrones viewer’s guide is flawless and beautiful.  And it lets me know which scenes I should duck out of!  WIN!

Have an amazing weekend, friends!

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