Five Things Friday

Hooray for Friday!  This week was a little bit of a nutroll and next week doesn’t promise to be any less nutrolly, especially since, well, I leave for the Big Sur marathon on THURSDAY.  In the meantime though the internet was chalk full of goodness this week!


and this week also proved I have the best friends in the whole entire world.

  1.  I don’t do Easter beyond eating every single spiced jelly bean in sight, but I always look forward to the Washington Post peep dioramas every year.
  2. I was the queen of AIM in college so this mashable piece about the fruition and demise was a delight.
  3. Uh, Monday is the Boston Marathon. Thank GOD.  So get read up on the REAL best foods for runner.
  4. There is literally no one on this planet that is more excited to do the EPCOT Post-Illumniations happy hour than this girl.
  5. AKP made taco casserole.  Vegetarian taco casserole.  You’re welcome.

Have a beautiful weekend!!

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