Marathon Week: Weather and Activity Tracker

The tricky part about getting MB and I ready for our big sojourn west is that MB isn’t here right now.  Off he jetted to go be super smart in his fancy Army uniform {we’ve talked about how he’s in the Army, right?}.  Leaving me to all the packing.


so handsome! and soooo happy he doesn’t have to pack for CA!

In full disclosure, I usually pack for both of us anyway but I’m a little frazzled so I would have enlisted him at some point.

MB gets back this morning while I’m working so he’s going to be responsible for putting his clothes in the bag after reviewing my handy dandy list.  Before we travel, I usually cuddle up with an episode of Family Guy and a snack to list out the activities and weather for the days we’ll be away.  That helps MB and me figure out what we want and for which day especially if we need more than one option.

photo 2

As you can see, it’s going to be super great marathoning weather.  But not super great pool weather.  Armed with this list {and the relief that the original forecast of rain on Sunday is gone!} I think we’ll get everything.

And honestly, I could really care less at this point because my marathon outfit is packed and we got upgraded on our flight.  My current mantra is “I’ll get it at the expo!”

How do you prep for racecations?

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