Five Things Friday

Praise the weekend gods it. is. FRIDAY!  This weekend is the first in 3 that we aren’t traveling and I can’t wait to do at home things INCLUDING my first run in my new training cycle {!!!}

Let’s not beat around the bush then — bring on the weekend!!


because no one is sick of my big sur marathon pics yet!


  1. My dearest friends Sarah and Stef both have amazing recaps up of our time in Pittsburgh. While I loaf around processing feelings you can see me, in two forms, beasting a doughnut.  You’re welcome.
  2. Much has been whined said recently about the updates to the Poly at WDW.  My homegirl Krissy takes those opinions to task. And nails it.
  3. Kate Grace is one of my favorite runners, mostly because she’s fast but also because she’s the Doppleganer of one of my besties.  Her recent post about her major win at Payton Jordan made my girl crush surge.
  4. We all need more oat muffins in our life via incredible crunchy flavor.
  5. I can’t wait for Maleficent.  Neither can you.

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