Five Things {About the Pittsburgh Marathon} Friday

Didn’t think we’d be done with it that easily, did you?!


  1. The Pittsburgh Marathon is the most well organized race series I’ve run outside of Disney World.  It’s a huge event.  There are people and races everywhere.  But the PGH crew holds it down with clear direction, ample participant communication, and tons of super helpful, kind people that are with you every step of the way. From the expo — which is a breeze to park at and work your way through — to the finish line — there were HUNDREDS of smiley cookies for me to eat — I could not say more about the thought and care that goes into producing this race.  If you’re a runner {5K, half, full, relayer} this is a must run race.
  2. Team in Training.  As you probably know I ran this race as a member of The Team.  Thanks to the generous donations of SO MANY OF YOU I raised over $1,500 to give cancer the boot once and for all.  For that, I had all of you with me on my Team Tutu.  The hearts on the tutu were the names of people that donated to help me end blood cancer.  You were with me every mile, every step.  I can’t thank you enough.  We will end caner because of people like you.
  3. The hotel situation can be amazing but tricky.  Book early.  The last two years we stayed at the Omni, one of my fav places to stay in the ‘Burgh.  Plus it’s literally a stones throw from the start.  For this race, I logged on to make my reservation in December, as I do and found that the Omni was completely sold out.  Ummm.  I checked the other host hotels.  All.  Sold.  Out.  Apparently there was a movie being shot in Pittsburgh that weekend, plus the Pirates and the Pens were in town.  Moral of the story.  Book as soon as you register if possible.  We ended up getting a great room {a suite, like with a living room and two bathrooms} at the Fairmont which is literally at the starting line.  I loved being that close.  Plus the two bathrooms made our room a popular place right before the race.  I would say we will stay here for 2015 BUT it would have to get two nights because they refused to give us a late check out.   I asked twice, thinking that she hadn’t heard me when I told her I was running the marathon and would need to change and shower.  They did let us marathoners use the spa bathroom but it’s just not the same.  I was very disappointed in the Fairmont and the way they handled the marathon check out time.  For the exorbitant price we paid you think they could have let us check out at 3.  We never had an issue at the Omni so I think we’ll be switching back there for 2015.
  4. My friends and family.  My new and old friends were absolutely amazing.  I saw people on the course that have known me since I was 19 years old.  And I ran with someone who just met me a year ago.  Pittsburgh is a place of love and friendship and it is just the most special race.  I got home to my parents, my niece and my whole family and they were so excited.  There was even CAKE {for my sister in laws birthday but STILL}.  They are so supportive and wonderful.  Janny even made my tutu for the big day.  It’s a family affair.
  5. MB.  Mark is such an amazing spouse.  In two weeks we traveled back and forth across the country catering to my every whim.  I chose where we eat, when.  Where we’re going and with whom.  What we do, where we stay all of it.  And he just rolls with it.  I think he likes to see me happy and I hope that I make him proud.  I also hope that he knows that I would fly to Antarctica if he wanted to do a 5K.  There is nothing I can ever do to even come close to the level of love and support he gives.


Have a great weekend!!

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