Now What?

I’ve run 2 marathons on two coasts in the span of one week.  That was after hundreds of training miles through one of the worst winters the country has seen.  The allure of taking the spring and summer off and run to keep up my fitness whenever I feel like was tempting to say the least.  But let’s be real — that isn’t me right now.  I’ve been literally to the edge of the world to see what I can physically do and I brought back some lessons that are informing the rest of the year of my training.  That’s right.  I have all my training lined up for the rest of the year.



Because, really, would you expect anything less of me right now?

  • May – July:  Sub 30 minute 5K Training Running Big Sur gave me a lot of gifts in the form of gritty, purple toe-nailed running/life lessons.  One of them was one must be strong mentally and physically.  I self-diagnosed a lot of my pain on that run to be weak everything:  weak core, weak quads, weak glutes and I knew at mile 18 I wanted to do something about it.  I had already been eyeing the Mindy K plan which touts a 9 minute mile for a 5K.  That plan, coupled with the strength plant that MB helped me concoct {and you’ve seen his biceps, right?} is going to put me in a really good place for the rest of the year’s training and racing.  The sub 30 minute 5K will be icing on the cake, really, if I can get rid of some of this nagging pain that I know is caused by disengaged, weak muscle.
  • August – October:  Marine Corps Marathon Training After accidentally getting into MCM this year, I took it as a sign that I would have one last shot this year to do something during my marathon.  Big Sur and Pittsburgh were about gutting it out and just finishing.  I would like MCM to be about training really smart and strong. My hope is that the strength routine I’ve set out for the May-July cycle will become results inducing habit and I’ll carry it through to this cycle.   I also joined up again with the MCRRC which I am beyond thrilled about to get me through the tough, soupy, humid long runs I know I have coming my way.   I’m really excited about the cycle, too because it has the races I’m MOST looking forward to this year:  The Akron Marathon Relay + Pittsburgh Great Race, Tower of Terror 10 Miler and the Wine and Dine half marathon.  I’m a BIG proponent of racing to train.  And these fall races are literally my fav.
  • November – January:  Walt Disney World Marathon Training  Hot on the heels of the MCM  I’ll be running the WDW Marathon in January.  I have the distinct honor of pacing one of my besties, Princess Hilary {of Team Princess 1983 fame} through her FIRST marathon.  WDW is also a bucket list marathon of mine { I need to get that list in print somewhere so it doesn’t seem so random}.  This will be all about castles, costumes, Patrick’s birthday, my running family and the Kitchen Sink.  For real.  My goal for this marathon is for it to feel effortless so I can focus on Hilary’s race which means  a LOT of carry over from the previous two cycles — smart, strong training.


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