On Tuesdays We Beat Cancer: Tri Addition

On Tuesdays I would like to feature kick ass athletes who are raising or have raised money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through TnT.  If you want to be featured, holla at your girl!

What do I hate more than communists, people that don’t like puppies and hunger?  CANCER.  I stupid hate it.  That’s why, when I found out one of my dear friends, and life idols, Jordan was doing Team in Training I literally JUMPED for joy {while seated.  In the car.  Poor MB}.  When I found out why he was doing it well — I knew it just needed to be shared.  

So, check out Jordan’s awesome plan of attack for his FIRST triathlon and his motivation for doing it and then head on over to his page and donate $1.  For me.  And for Jordan.  And for puppies.  Because, America.

Jordan and his wife Jessica post Parkway Classic 5K! {FYI we are also obsessed with Jessica, K?}

What made you want to do a triathlon?

I’m definitely a novice racer, and virgin triathlete.  I grew up on the water and swam competitively a little bit when I was young.  I also did some serious mountain biking back in the day, and my dad has always been an avid road-biker.  The thought of running for more than about an hour straight makes me cringe little, but a triathlon seemed like the perfect way to test my fortitude, and keep me on my toes while I train and compete!

Which race are you targeting?  When and where is it?
I’m signed up for the Event’s DC Nation’s Triathlon!  It’s in Washington, DC on September 7th, 2014. It’s an Olympic length triathlon, which is a 1.5 K swim, and 40K bike ride (a marathon on a bike!), and it finishes off with a 10K run.  51.5 KM total!

One of the coolest parts about this race is the course.  The swim is in the Potomac river right at the base of the Lincoln Memorial, the bike ride takes you two directions – in DC through my favorite part of town, Rock Creek Park, and back into Virginia around the Pentagon and by Arlington National Cemetery. The run is in East Potomac Park, right in the shadow of the Washington Monument.  The scenery and patriotism it all invokes should definitely help me with race day motivation.  ‘Murica!

BTW, if you think a triathlon sounds super cool, but 51.5 K sounds less cool, the Nation’s Tri just added a brand new Sprint Race to their line up — its a 750 M swim, 16 mile ride, and 5K run.

Nice try, Jordan — I’ll just stick to my marathons thankyouverymuch.

Have you started training yet?  If so how’s it going?  
Yes!  Today is my first rest day in the first week of my program.  I had to miss the TnT kick off last week, but I am super pumped about my first Team workout – which will be a run this Saturday.

The training is going well so far.  I just got a new bike (thanks, Craigslist!) that I’m starting to get comfortable on, and I got back in the pool for the first time in a while this week.  Right now most of the workouts are supposed to only be about 30 minutes, but we’ll continue to build up over the course of the summer.  I’m having a hard time containing myself when I get on my new bike, but no problem getting out of the pool or stopping my runs at the allotted times!

Uhhh — that will change.  JK! 

What’s the schedule look like for a tri training cycle?(please excuse my runners only ignorance :))

 I don’t know how it compares to the marathon program, but the Tri program seems pretty intense to me!  Its a 16-week program that runs from May 10 through race day, September 7.  It’s basically 6 workouts a week, split up evenly with two bike rides, two swims, and two runs. I’ll join the team for one coached swim a week, and I’m doing one solo swim a week.  Every Saturday, the team practices switch up between runs and bike rides.

In addition to lots of time in the pool, I’m also hoping to get in a few open-water swims this summer down in North Carolina on the Pamlico River.  I think that’ll help me get my bearings for the race, especially if it’s a windy and wavy day.

That IS intense, homeboy!! Yeesh!  You’ll need lots of burritos and ice cream to power you through!

Do you have one event that you feel is your strongest?
EVERYONE has been telling me that the swim is going to be the hardest part, but I think its going to be my best!  First of all, its first, so that has to help on the stamina front.  Secondly, I’m already really comfortable in the water, and it just feels right.  I hope I’m right.

I feel like I should be able to knock out the ride with (relative) ease, but I’m definitely most nervous about finishing with the 10K run.  I’ve been doing a good bit of running recently, but rarely that far!  My legs and lungs will also already have 41.5 K on them so far that morning, so it’s definitely going to be a grind at the end.

What’s your strategy for training during the notoriously hot and humid DC summer?
Yeah, about that… its gonna be hot. Thank goodness two workouts a week are in the pool!  I’ve already had a couple of runs on days with highs on 90+.  As the heat becomes more consistent, I’m definitely planning to schedule my workouts early in the morning and late in the evening.  And drink LOTS of water.

Is that a complete answer? Or spoken like some who will surely die?  I am definitely open to advice!!

No worries — we’re all still alive to tell the tale of summer training.  I’m sure everyone will resoundingly shout NUUN at you!

How many races have you done before?

This is my first tri!  I’m pretty new to racing, but my awesome wife Jessica and I did knock out out first two competitive 5Ks this spring.  One was the 5K for the Bay up in Annapolis is March, and we ran the 5K in the George Washington Parkway Classic in April.  Jess did the Parkway Classic with the flu, and still bested her time from the first race!

God, there is nothing I love more than patriotism, races and besties like Jessica who beast through 5Ks.

Why Team in Training?

One of the reasons I was drawn to the Nation’s Tri was that it benefits LLS anyway.  I signed up for the Tri before I signed up for TnT, but it was always in the back of my mind.  Jessica’s cousin Malin had just signed up for TnT, and I’ve heard so many awesome things.  I knew that TnT would help me maximize everything I wanted to get out of this triathlon — my training, my overall fitness, and most importantly, my fundraising for LLS.

Also, because F*k Cancer.  That stuff sucks.

YES!!!!!!!  F*CK CANCER!!

What are your fundraising goals?
The minimum for the triathlon is a pretty scary $2,200, but I don’t want to stop there. I’m hoping to hit my goal of $3,000 in plenty of time for the triathlon.  Thanks to AWESOME friends and supporters so far, I just crossed 25% of my goal this week.

As previously discussed, I’m going to be sweating for plenty of other reasons this summer in DC, so I don’t want to be sweating fundraising in August!

What is the one thing you want the internet to know about your participation with TnT?
Its not really altruistic, its personal.  In September of 2013, one of my good friends and all around best people in the world, Brandon Lepow, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma.  He was one of the healthiest and fittest people I knew, and, obviously, the diagnosis turned his life upside down.  He’s been receiving treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston (his hometown) since September.  This September, he’s going to be in remission, well into the maintenance phase of his chemo, and living a healthy new life in San Francisco.  I’m doing this triathlon in part to honor Brandon and his incredible strength through all this adversity.

Brandon and me celebrating President Obama’s first Inauguration, 2009

Jordan — what you are doing is amazing and we are behind you every step of the way.  Brandon, too because as we discussed F*CK cancer.

Do you have any tip for Jordan on training or fundraising?  Let’s hear it!

2 thoughts on “On Tuesdays We Beat Cancer: Tri Addition

  1. chocolaterunnergirl says:

    This brings a lot of tears to my eyes….Just recently lost a high school buddy to bone marrow cancer at Thanksgiving.
    Jordan, thank you for training and raising money to help TnT! You are going to ROCK it!
    I haven’t done any triathlons yet, but I learned a lot from my duathlon training. It looks like you have a great training plan that will set you up for a great race!

    Lauren, You are the best! Thanks for sharing this interview and I look forward to reading more!
    Here’s to kicking cancer’s ASS!!!

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